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Moving and Career-related Calculators

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Check out for various moving- and career-related calculators.

Figure out if the city you are moving to has a different cost-of-living, check out schools, compare your salary from one city to another, find a moving company — if you’re relocating, this should be a site to check out.

The Rock Band Name Generator

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Ever sit around the bar with your buddies and say, “hell, we should totally have a band!  What should we call ourselves?”  And then you sit there and wonder what the band will be called?

Well wonder no longer, as the ROCK BAND NAME GENERATOR is here, generating such classic names as the DIRT DEVIL FLAB ROLLS, MUCUS WHITE TRASH, or even JACKASSERY ON A NICE GRANOLA LOAF.  Rock on!

(Note: original link updated)

Open Records

By web gangsta | Published: is a clearinghouse for all types of government-released records and reports, available to everyone.

They do have one section that does help those who are looking to move to a new city or neighborhood, and that is a link to US States Sex Offenders Registries, as broken out into both a national registry as well as state-by-state.  Not all states report information in the same way, but you should be able to pull reports by ZIP code for most of them.

 Other helpful databases linked here include the HOLOCAUST SEARCHABLE DATABASE, DALLAS RESTAURANT HEALTH SCORES, and a list of STOLEN IRAQI ARTIFACTS.  Sure, some lists will be more useful than others, but the concept is the same.