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Shopping by Category at

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THEMEMANIA.COM is a shopping website that is trying to make it easy for you to buy something for that special someone who is hard to shop for.

Instead of presenting all their shopping items out by price or product category – all the items available for sale at ThemeMania are listed by shopping theme.   That is, all the sushi-related items are lumped together, the religion-related items are groups in one place, the angels stuff is all together, and so on.

So if you know you’re looking for something in a particular area of interest but have no idea what type of item to get from that area, ThemeMania should be on your list of places to stop by and see.

Playboy’s List of Top Party Schools 2002 (and 1987)

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Playboy has released their list of the TOP PARTY SCHOOLS FOR 2002:

  1. Arizona State University
  2. California State at Chico
  3. Rollins College (FL)
  4. Louisiana State University
  5. West Virginia University
  6. University of Colorado
  7. University of Wisconsin
  8. University of Connecticut
  9. University of Kansas
  10. San Diego State University

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Shaving Advice for Hair “Down There”… and elsewhere

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PUBIC SHAVING ADVICE (formerly is a site dedicated to the delicate matter of  shaving all sections of body hair, from the head down to the toes… and everywhere inbetween.

The various topics of coverage that they offer include the following:

  • Shaving your pubic area
  • Shaping your pubic hair
  • Hard to reach tight spots
  • Pubic shaving tips for men
  • Shaving your ass
  • Shaving your armpits
  • How to get a good shave
  • Plucking your eyebrows
  • Removing ear and nose hairs
  • Shaving your chest
  • Back hair removal
  • Shaving toes and fingers
  • Hairy palms
  • Instructions for waxing, including waxing your ass
  • Using Nair and others
  • Instructions for bleaching

The Rock Star Game

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We all know that being a rock star isn’t easy. Now’s your chance to see for yourself with ZIGIRE – THE ROCK STAR GAME.

Pick a genre, go on tour, practice your song writing, release singles and albums, and fight to get your band at the top of the charts. Maybe you’ll even sell out Madison Square Garden!

Not only is Rock Star Game addictive, easy to play and easy to understand — you can create Friends Groups to compete directly against other folks you know.

(Here’s a game hint: lower ticket prices will increase your popularity faster than higher ticket prices will.)

Derek’s Big Archive of Wal-Mart Purchase Receipts

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Derek has a lot of time on his hands.

Derek spends a lot of time at Wal-Mart.

Derek also likes to keep his Wal-Mart receipts on-line for us to see.

DEREK’S BIG WEBSITE OF WAL-MART RECEIPTS is a complete list of every Wal-Mart purchase Derek has made since 1996 – combined with visitor commentary on his purchases.

It’s just like we were sitting in the Wal-Mart parking lot making fun of the customers as they leave the store, but without the risk of being run off by those elderly greeters. Again.

Flash Fun: Miniature Golf and Rock-n-Roll Lemmings

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There’s nothing better for taking a quick break during the day than a nice relaxing round of miniature golf.

Some think that miniputt online can be a worthy challenge.  Be sure to try the classic minigolf style found at ELECTROTANK.

While we’re talking about classic games, do you remember the addictive mid-90’s PC game LEMMINGS, where you had to get hundreds of mindless animals from point A to point B without killing them? If you liked that, you should give the BBC version of LEMMINGS, called “ROADIES” a try.  In this variation, you need to get hundreds of mindless backstage rockers to their next gig in safety.

2002’s Sexiest Geek Alive

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The 2002 “SEXIEST GEEK ALIVE” was announced yesterday at Austin’s annual SXSW show. 12,000 men and women applied, and it was narrowed down to 8 finalists. The winner this year is Chad Briggs. Winning involved a talent segment, an interview, and an online test – which is available on the website.

The test includes four categories (math/science; computers/programming; nerd culture; science fiction) and questions such as, “What is the half-life of a free neutron?” and “What medical condition is primarily responsible for preventing Homer Simpson from being a genius?”

Ellen Spertus, 33, of San Francisco, the 2001 winner, took the crown by wearing a corset made of circuit boards and counting in binary on her hands.  Ellen was unable to answer the question about how many processors were available in her house, as she claims to own too many to count, what with her bread machine, electric car, and other electronic devices.

This year’s contest included a contestant playing jazz piano while lying down on the bench and reaching backward over the keyboard, and another giving a PowerPoint slide presentation on speaking Russian.

The Whirlpool Polara Oven

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Remember Jason Alexander, the actor who played the character “George” on Seinfeld? One of his first acting roles — if you can call it that — was for the famous McDonald’s McDLT.  Let’s take a look:

Why do I bring this up?  because when it comes to keeping the “hot side hot, and the cool side cool”, nothing beat THE WHIRLPOOL POLARA OVEN.  It’s a refrigerator…inside your oven! 

It’s like a big giant crockpot, designed with food safety in mind.  Just put your raw food into the oven, and tell it what time to start cooking.  Your food will be kept safely refrigerator cool (no e.coli here!), and will be almost done cooking by the time you make it home from the office. 

And to think that watching this fancy stuff on The Jetsons was all futurey and stuff.

The Warholizer

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Here’s how you can get your very own 15-minutes of fame: just upload your photo to THE WARHOLIZER and have it automatically turned into a Warhol-style portrait. 

No, it won’t be a can of soup.  You’re just going to have to try it and see.

Flash Fun: Five Finger Fillet

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We all have a twisted, freaky side.  Here’s a website for you: 

All you have to do at Five Finger Fillet is tap your spacebar at the right time to drive the huge, shiny knife blade in between your victim’s – er, lucky friends’s – fingers.  Try to hit the table as many times as possible without slicing off anybody’s extremities.  Ouch.

Flash Fun: The Bruce Lee Ultimate Movie Trailer Remixer

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We’ve all seen those classic Bruce Lee movies, with all the thumping music, quick camera cuts, and superimposed text graphics. THE ULTIMATE BRUCE LEE MOVIE TRAILER REMIXER gives you a chance to create your own movie trailer loop using music, graphics, and video cuts recreated from those movies you loved watching late at night on TV.

The Calories Burned Calculator

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Although there are those who argue that “calories don’t count,” most experts I’ve spoken with — and trust me, I’ve spoken with quite a few — all agree that 3,500 calories equals a pound of fat.

So dieting is easy: all you have to do is reduce your caloric intake by 500 calories a day, and — over time — you’ll find yourself losing about a pound a week.

Sounds easy, right?  Your first step is to know approximately how many calories it takes to sustain your weight.  That, of course, varies depending on your age, gender and activity level.

So all you need to do to get a precise estimate of what those numbers are, you can enter how many hours you do specific activities at THE CALORIES BURNED CALCULATOR

The list of activities is pretty expansive, and includes such activities as playing guitar, playing frisbee, brushing your teeth, horse grooming, and mopping.  Even sex is broken out to “intercourse” and “foreplay” categories.  Yup, they’ve thought of everything!

Music Royalty Calculator

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Calculating the money made in a record deal can be overly complicated.  Does the artist make a ton of money as soon as they’re signed?  Not necessarily.

Check out the MOSES AVALON MUSIC ROYALTY CALCULATOR to see if you’re getting screwed before you sign your band away.

All you need to know is:

  • Advances
    • how much the advance is
    • retail price of the record. CD pricing averages to around $11.98 apiece, and indie record deals expect that 80% of your sales to come from CDs.
    • What the royalty paid to you is
    • How big a promotional budget will you have?  This is monty that is coming directly out of your pocket, so spend wisely.
  • Producer’s payout.
    • Royalty
    • Producer paid from record one
  • Label costs
    • Packaging deductions
    • Breakage
    • Percentage of Sales royalties are calculated on

The calculator will determine, based on the info you’ve provided, how much money is made on each actual sale and how many sales you need to have before you start making money.  Of course, this is only going to be a rough estimate – your actual successes may vary.

Movie Review: Rollerball

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Rating:  2 out of 5
Rated:  PG-13 for action-movie violence, occasional bad language, and Rebecca Stamos naked in silhouette.

Got to watch this one at a morning screening.  I’m glad I didn’t waste an afternoon or evening watching this dreck.

A disclaimer:  The James Caan edition of Rollerball is one of my favorite movies.  Nice homage:  in the new one, they keep the classic “Jon-a-than!  Jon-a-than!” chant that makes the Caan version awesome.

It’s sort of like the Planet of the Apes remake:  it’s not awful, and it’s intended to stand on its own.  But the originals in both cases were so much more inspired.

The first one:  The game was easy to follow and understand.  Skaters go around the rink, pick up the ball, and slam it into the scoring pod.  Can be shown with one camera.

The new one:  The game is on a figure-8 track (left over from RollerGames?  Where’s the alligator pit?) with a bunch of hampster habittrails and ramps and stuff.  You never get a good sense of how the game is played or who any of the team players are (or which team they’re on).

The plotlines are similar:  the game is run by The Corporation and Jonathan tries to figure out his role in the game.  Not a bad updating of the plot; the execution should have been done MUCH better.

There are a ton of bad directing choices in the film, but a lot of action scenes were cut; expect to see them uncut on the DVD.