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The Rock Star Game

By web gangsta | Published:

We all know that being a rock star isn’t easy. Now’s your chance to see for yourself with ZIGIRE – THE ROCK STAR GAME.

Pick a genre, go on tour, practice your song writing, release singles and albums, and fight to get your band at the top of the charts. Maybe you’ll even sell out Madison Square Garden!

Not only is Rock Star Game addictive, easy to play and easy to understand — you can create Friends Groups to compete directly against other folks you know.

(Here’s a game hint: lower ticket prices will increase your popularity faster than higher ticket prices will.)

Derek’s Big Archive of Wal-Mart Purchase Receipts

By web gangsta | Published:

Derek has a lot of time on his hands.

Derek spends a lot of time at Wal-Mart.

Derek also likes to keep his Wal-Mart receipts on-line for us to see.

DEREK’S BIG WEBSITE OF WAL-MART RECEIPTS is a complete list of every Wal-Mart purchase Derek has made since 1996 – combined with visitor commentary on his purchases.

It’s just like we were sitting in the Wal-Mart parking lot making fun of the customers as they leave the store, but without the risk of being run off by those elderly greeters. Again.

Flash Fun: Miniature Golf and Rock-n-Roll Lemmings

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There’s nothing better for taking a quick break during the day than a nice relaxing round of miniature golf.

Some think that miniputt online can be a worthy challenge.  Be sure to try the classic minigolf style found at ELECTROTANK.

While we’re talking about classic games, do you remember the addictive mid-90’s PC game LEMMINGS, where you had to get hundreds of mindless animals from point A to point B without killing them? If you liked that, you should give the BBC version of LEMMINGS, called “ROADIES” a try.  In this variation, you need to get hundreds of mindless backstage rockers to their next gig in safety.