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How to Verify an Internet Hoax

By web gangsta | Published:

Ever wanted to pull off your own viral Internet hoax?

The Internet has made coming up with new and original ideas easy. Check out THE MUSEUM OF HOAXES for a list of stunts that have already been pulled off, and then think about putting your own unique spin on the event.

Still, trying to come up with a unique hoax idea or wacky news item that hasn’t been done before has been made more difficult by the proliferation of those forwarded emails that everyone must have received at some time or other. Just because your friend has sent you an email with a news item in it does not mean that the news item in question is true. As is often the case, the person forwarding the email may not have checked their facts before sending it. Remember – even though you were sent that forwarded email from a trusted friend or family member, they could have been duped somewhere along the way.  You should always check your sources as well.