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Home Improvement Tip: How to Fix A Garage Door Light That Won’t Go Out Automatically

By web gangsta | Published:

Non-Illuminated Doorbell or Garage Door Button
Non-Illuminated Doorbell or Garage Door Button

The other day, Web Watch experienced the same problem other home owners have run into: the light on our automatic garage door opener would not go out.

The opener itself was working perfectly fine.  The door would open or close when requested via the remote or the wall switch, but the lightbulb would not turn off after the 5 minute timer expired.

And Web Watch is seemingly not alone in this problem.  Other websites that specialize in home improvement tips have either left the question unanswered or said that the problem is with the garage door opener’s logic board that prevented the light from automatically turning off. Continue reading HOME IMPROVEMENT TIP: HOW TO FIX A GARAGE DOOR LIGHT THAT WON’T GO OUT AUTOMATICALLY