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Small Town Misfits, and other wacky news

By web gangsta | Published:

Your local newspaper may have a column devoted to covering the wackier side of the police blotter.  But in case you don’t, browse the SMALL TOWN MISFIT listings, culled from police reports from across the country.

Making fun of other people’s misadventures in crime is always amusing.

How To Identify That Song on the Radio

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It’s not something that most music-oriented folk have a problem with, but the average person – surprisingly – doesn’t know much about music.  And they often have trouble identifying a song that’s playing on TV or the radio so that they can buy it later.

So instead of calling the station’s request line to ask what that song was, all the listener has to do now is call 866-411-SONG.

Hold the phone to the speaker for 15 seconds, and the system will automatically tell you what song and artist was playing.

The cost is a low $1 per request, or unlimited requests can be had for $4 per month.

Ecoist – Gum Wrapper Handbags and Other Recyclables

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Remember how you and your little sister would sit outside on the porch steps and fold empty gum wrappers into a super-long gum wrapper chain?

THE ECOIST has taken this concept one step further, and folds all sorts of different candy wrappers, gum wrappers, and magazines into useful handbags and other accessories. 

The Internet is full of entrepreneurial folks like this, taking your childhood pastime and making money off of it.  Bastards.

Fixing Computers in Exchange for Sex

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Have you met “Ray the Computer Guy”?

He posted an ad (since removed) on popular Internet classifieds site Craigslist offering TO FIX COMPUTERS IN EXCHANGE FOR SEX.

His payscale was pretty basic:  for guys, he’d only take cash.  For women, he’d leave it up to their discretion.

Basic repairs that were done in 15 minutes, he’d take a foot massage.


The Tackiest Christmas Light Displays Ever

By web gangsta | Published:

Do you know what HOUSEBLINGING is?

It’s the art of decorating a house for the holidays with the gaudiest, brightest, tackiest displays of… well, stuff.

I’m talking about the stuff that would make a house one of the regular stops on your family’s annual Tacky Light Tour drive-by.

We’re talking lights that can be seen from orbit, they’re so bright.

A light display that puts the Las Vegas Strip to shame.

Yeah, buddy – we’re talking about your house.

Baby Review: How Cute is Your Baby?

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As every new mother or father will tell you, their baby is always the prettiest or cutest one on the planet. 

BABY REVIEW begs to differ, by telling those same parents the truth about their offspring:  that all they are are “Fabulous Feces Factories” or some such.  

The cool thing about this site is that it does exactly the same thing as you might be thinking to yourself as you walk around the mall – if only there was an Ugly Baby Makeover Contest program on TV, where comedians go to the mall and award proud parents for having the ugliest baby there.

How To Fold a Piece of Paper in Half, 12 Times

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Danica Mckellar is best known in some circles as that cute chick from the TV show The Wonder Years, but as thousands of math nerds will attest, she is much, much more than that.

She is a math genius and has the published papers to prove it.

Britney Gallivan is also a teenage math genius and if her photo is any indication, she and Danica have proven that math nerds can be pretty too.


An Email Time Capsule

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Want to send yourself a message in the future?  Use the EMAIL TIME CAPSULE to send that message a year (or ten) from now to the email address you specify.   They’re only taking message for the next month or so, so act fast!

Could be useful for birthday reminders, or telling that special someone how you really felt.


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How fast can you solve a Rubik’s Cube?

Are you good enough to SPEED CUBE?

The International Rubik’s Cube Speed Championships were held recently, and the following records were set:

  • 11.73 seconds for the standard Cube
  • 1 minute, 46.47 seconds to solve a memorized Cube while blindfolded
  • 22.05 seconds for solving a Cube using only one hand

And you say that kids today are only sitting around playing video games.

One Red Paperclip

By web gangsta | Published:

Kyle MacDonald has a mission in life: all he wants is a house.

All he had to start with was ONE RED PAPERCLIP.

He’s working on the bartering system, trading item for item until he gets his house.

He traded the paperclip for a pen, and then he traded the pen for a drawer pull. The drawer pull got him a Coleman stove, which he traded for an electric generator. The generator was exchanged for a keg of beer and a Budweiser neon sign.

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