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Movie Review: Casino Royale

By web gangsta | Published:

Rating:  A-

Quick summary:  “Quite Fun”

I’m a Bond fan.  Grew up reading all the books and watching the movies with Dad.  Always looked forward to the films… and then came the crap years with Timothy Dalton and the over-the-top plots and villains.  That’s really when the Bond movies stopped being fun. 

Sure, we’d still go to see them — and Pierce Brosnan was great after he finally got the role, but that really didn’t fix the primary problem of the films being utterly boring and predictable.

Movie Review: Happy Feet

By web gangsta | Published:

“Happy Feet” refers to the relief people feel while they shuffle out of this inexplicable mess of a film.

Rating:   C

The movie can’t decide what it wants to be:  one comedic song-lyric heavy showstopping number after another (which, for the most part, works);  a coming-out-of-the-closet story;  or an overbearing political environmentalist message that takes up WAY too much of the movie.

Are there laughs?  Sure.  Most of them will go over kids’ heads — and the adults won’t necessarily be laughing *with* the movie, but at it.  Which is never a good sign.

Movie Review: Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny

By web gangsta | Published:

Rating:  C

It plays like an extended episode of Mr. Show.  What starts out as an inspired parody of Tommy (or other kick-ass rock opera) sputters out into cliche’ after rock cliche’ that we’ve already seen The D do on screen or in videos.

Was it fun if you were not a D fan?  Probably not. 

Is it required viewing for All Who Want To Rock with the Greatest Band In The World?  Definitely. 

But only as a rental.