Movie Review: Shrek the Third

By web gangsta | Published:

Rated PG for about 10 minutes of poop jokes and talk about baby making.
Rating:  C

It ain’t that great.  Kids younger than 7 or so probably won’t understand half of what’s going on, and there are way too many pop-culture references that are really going to date this movie going forward. 

I hate to say it, but it really wasn’t …. “charming”… at all. 

I had probably 2 good laughs the entire film, and smiled mildly at way too few other portions.  Almost took a little nap at one point, too.   The first Shrek film IS a classic.  2 and 3, not so much.   I think the problem is more with Dreamworks, as this series and Shark Tale both suffered from the same “let’s force the rock-n-roll” into the movie when it really doesn’t need to be there.   Watching the Fairy Tale Princesses burning their bras?  What’s the point?  And seriously, there’s a line in the film that is basically “then there’s poop, some more poop, and poop over there too”. 

As one person I was with said, “you can’t have too many poop jokes in a kids’ movie”.  In this case, yes – yes, you can.