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Movie Review: I Am Legend

By web gangsta | Published:

Rating: B-

It’s entertaining, especially if you like those isolationist sci-fi stories.

It’s a little creepy, with some suspenseful scares — if you hate things jumping out at you then you probably won’t like that aspect of the film. 

The shots of empty New York City are amazing.  

I’ve been told that the ending is not the same as the book, so looking at the film that way, I’ll have to equate it to the same way that the movie Logan’s Run is different from the book.  They’re both worthwhile and can stand on their own, but don’t try to compare them directly to each other if you don’t want to be disappointed.

Movie Review: The Bucket List

By web gangsta | Published:

Rated PG-13 for language and old person butt.

Rating: (see below)

This one is hard to tell which way it will go with audiences.

It predictably hits every single “things you should do before you die” movie cliche there is. The question is whether the audience will consist of old people who
want a good movie that they can relate to (ie no wizards or talking cars, and poop jokes that actually are related to the story as opposed to for
juvenile comedic effect), or if they would avoid a movie that is so up
front in talking about impending death for fear of being reminded of their
own upcoming events. Continue reading MOVIE REVIEW: THE BUCKET LIST