That’s Not Cool

By web gangsta | Published:

If you’ve seen the trailer for the movie He’s Just Not That Into You, then you know the scene where Drew Barrymore is rattling off all the places that she needs to check in order to contact her date: MySpace, Facebook, texting the cell phone, voicemails at work or at home. 

While it’s a good thing that we’re so interconnected with all these social networks, sometimes it can be a little overwhelming.

And scary.

So along comes a website that really shouldn’t need to exist, but it does – THAT’S NOT COOL.  What isn’t cool?  Electronically stalking somebody.

You don’t necessarily want to be poked, superpoked, searched for, friended, have friends befriended, sent a virtual beer, thanked for the add, or otherwise forced to interact with all these online folks.  And sometimes, all that can turn into harassment.

So that’s where THAT’S NOT COOL comes in, giving you a way to send notices specifically to those who you feel need to back off just a little bit.  Brought to you by the Family Violence Protection Fund and the Ad Council, THAT’S NOT COOL offers advice and contact information for a number of help groups, such as the National Teen Dating Abuse Helpline, the National Center for Victims of Crime – Dating Violence Resource Center, and RAINN (Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network), if your online situation becomes one where you feel the need to get hold of those who can offer you more help.

Like I said, this site shouldn’t have to exist in the first place.  But for those who need it, it is a great resource to have out there.