Flash Fun: Hex Empire

By web gangsta | Published:

hexempireHEX EMPIRE is a Risk-like strategy game, where the object is to destroy your three computer opponents and take over their capital cities.

Unlike RISK, each map is randomly generated, which tends to keep the game fresh.  At the beginning of the game, you select which of the four capitals you want to defend.  Your capital, and every other city under your power, will automatically generate new armies each turn.

Each turn, you can move up to five army units.  You can move a unit up to two spaces away from their current location (either to an empty space or to initiate a fight by moving onto an enemy-occupied position), you can combine units into a larger single unit, or you can move units onto or off of a boat if you would like to attack by sea.

Each unit can grow up to 99 strength. There is also a secondary number associated with each unit: courage.  You will win a fight if your strength is higher than your opponents’, but if the opponents have more courage than your units have, then you may find yourself in trouble.

The gameplay is fairly straightforward, but there is a little strategy involved with how to best use your five moves each turn.  You’ll often find yourself with a bounty of 99-sized units sitting in the back of your defense area, but not enough moves to get them where they can be useful in a fight.

Still, if you’re looking for a few minutes of diversion, it’s a good implementation of a turn-based strategy game.  Each game can take up to 20 minutes or so to play.