How Much of a Twitter Tool Are You?

By web gangsta | Published:


It ends up that we didn’t need to bother, as a calculation is unnecessary.

TWEETING TOO HARD is a look at what people are Twittering about, and if you find your tweets getting posted on the site, the general consensus will be, “Yes, you ARE a tool… and here’s the proof.”

If you see a tweet that’s overly obnoxious, just submit it to TWEETINGTOOHARD.COM.   Then, the site will present the tweets to all the site’s visitors for voting.  The more votes the obnoxious, self-indulgent, pretentious tweets get, the higher they’ll move up the chart until they climb to the top of laughable tool-dom.

I know –  it’s hard enough to sound cool when you’re limited to 140 characters at a time.  But we all know people that regularly abuse those 140 characters with tweets that are just…. bad.

Let’s take a look at the current Top Ten Most Obnoxious Tweets:

  1. @joshuabaer:  fan belt light came on in the 911 so now I’m driving the Cayenne Turbo S – the backup, backup car. Trying not to think about the Tesla…
  2. @iamsammis: it makes me sad, the more I have success the more people don’t like me….
  3. @davemorin: @garyvee I had the biggest lemonade stand on the block when I was 6. Was even expermienting with variable pricing and freemium models :)
  4. @serafinowicz: Went to the gym this morning. As I left, everyone said I was the best!
  5. @leto75: ok poop is coming out.
  6. @joshhighland: If enough people follow me, I will get a large twitter tattoo! Tell your friends!
  7. @brettschulte: I gave my cleaning lady a raise today, even though she didn’t ask, as my own little contribution to fighting the recession.
  8. @MKReflections: I make multi-million $ decisions on a regular basis — why is it soooo difficult to decide what to do with my hair?
  9. @JohnCMayer: I love how some dudes hate me for dating their fantasy girl, as if they were going to if I hadn’t.
  10. @guykawasaki: @wildbill I don’t get it either. Who pushes out more interesting links AND interacts more than me on Twitter?

Looking at these, I really can’t support John Mayer‘s comment being on this list.  If you think about it, he’s right.  Can’t complain about that at all.