Are You An Extreme Techie? Here’s Proof…

By web gangsta | Published:

Nielsen recently did a survey that revealed who the “Extreme Techies” are.


The study was conducted for the Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing, and as such meant that the focus of the study was going to be all about online video – who watches it, and how.

The Extreme Techies watch the most online video content, about 91 minutes per week.  The average user only watches about half that, 44 minutes per week.  The Extreme Tech crowd isn’t huge – only about 8% of all Internet broadband users – but this shows that they’re really pushing the broadband for all its worth.

How do you know if you are an Extreme Techie?  If you can fall into any of these areas, then you just may be.

  • Are you male?  About 31 years old?  Make about $67,000 per year?  63% of the Extreme Techies are.
  • 47% are married and 57% have children under 18.
  • 74% access video content via computer
  • 64% watch TV online in addition to watching on regular TV
  • 60% say that they already know what they’re going to watch when they decide to watch something online
  • 55% have found a show online that they later watched on regular TV

And most importantly, those Extreme Techies classified themselves as tech-savvy and spontaneous.

So what if you’re not an Extreme Techie?  What other category could you find yourself in?  The study had those answers as well.   Here are the other classifications you could find yourself in, in descending order of nerdiness:

  • Extreme Techies
  • Modern Media Mavens
  • Trendsetters
  • On-the-go Timeshifters  (note: this was the largest group of identified users.  thought you’d want to know)
  • TV Seeking Enthusiasts
  • TV Devoted Online Socializers
  • All-around Traditionalists
  • Entertainment Indifferents