Where Do All the Single People Live?

By web gangsta | Published:

Are you having trouble dating, if only because you’ve dated so much that you have depleted the local singles scene? 

Maybe its time to change your venue and move to a new city.

A new city with a plethora of single people to choose from.  The question is where do you go?


If you are a guy, you’ll want to try looking in New York, Philadephia/Washington DC, or Detroit – three cities where the single women outnumber single men by at 210,000, 50,000, and 20,000 respectively.

If you’re a woman, your best bet is to check out Los Angeles, with more than 90,000 single men than women.  Other places to check out include Phoenix or San Francisco (both with about 65,000 more men than women), or San Diego, Dallas, or Seattle.

Boston is a rarity – a big city with a fairly even percentage of available men and women.

One possibility that researchers came up with regarding how some of these larger cities have a huge disparity in singles numbers is that young women (ages 25-44) move to the big cities to get the most eligible men.  And some of those women end up being choosier than they should be and end up staying single longer than if they were living in a less vibrant location.