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How to Have Sex in a Snuggie – the SnuggieSutra

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The Snuggie has become a cult phenomenon.

Snuggies are all over TV.

College kids are having Snuggie Bar Crawls.

They even have Snuggies for Horses.

So what is it about the blanket with sleeves that has everyone all excited?  Because the Snuggie allows you to do things that would normally be difficult if a traditional blanket got in the way.

So claims the writers of the SNUGGIE SUTRA, the ultimate guide for how to have sex in a Snuggie. Continue reading HOW TO HAVE SEX IN A SNUGGIE — THE SNUGGIESUTRA

Facts Behind the Social Media Revolution

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Web Watch hopes that sometime over the past month, you have seen this video, entitled SOCIAL MEDIA REVOLUTION, asking if social media (such as Twitter or Facebook) or other electronic transactions are here to stay, or just a fad.

Looking at the statistics we saw earlier, Twitter is still bordering on fad.

If you haven’t seen it, or simply want to watch it again, here it is:



Most Visited Websites and Social Networks for July 2009

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comScore, a research company, has published their list of the US’s TOP 50 MOST VISITED WEBSITES FOR JULY 2009, ranked by most unique visitors.

The top 10 most visited sites (or groups of sites, such as the case with Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, or others) are really no surprise:

  1. Google (with 195,538,000 unique visitors)
  2. Yahoo (includes Yahoo Mail, My Yahoo, etc)
  3. Microsoft (includes Bing, Hotmail, Windows Update, etc)
  4. AOL
  5. Facebook
  6. Fox Interactive Media (includes MySpace)
  7. Ask
  8. eBay
  9. Amazon
  10. Wikipedia


Proof that Monkeys Hate David Blaine and Criss Angel, but Love Penn & Teller

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Here it is – proof that monkeys definitely do not like some magicians, a grouping that Web Watch can only assume includes David Blaine and Criss Angel, as they also seem to have their detractors.

We are sure, however, that Penn & Teller are still wildly popular with the chimps.   Probably because Penn & Teller purposefully give away the secrets to how their tricks are done.

How can we tell?  Watch the video below.  Besides, once you’ve seen a chimpanzee riding on a Segway, these are things that you just know. Continue reading PROOF THAT MONKEYS HATE DAVID BLAINE AND CRISS ANGEL, BUT LOVE PENN & TELLER

How Much Money do Beggars Make?

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You drive by them every day:  panhandlers and homeless folk, standing at the highway exit with a sign and a hand, asking for any spare change that you may be willing to share.

And while the job may have its hazards (bad weather, car fumes, the continual parade of rude people, no bathroom facilities), there are some PEOPLE WHO MAKE $50,000 A YEAR OR MORE BY PANHANDLING. Continue reading HOW MUCH MONEY DO BEGGARS MAKE?

Introducing Woofer – the Anti-Twitter

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Jerry Seinfeld had Bizarro Jerry.

Superman had Bizarro Superman.

And now Twitter has Bizarro Twitter… aka WOOFER.


How To Recycle Your Adult “Toys”

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We can all agree that recycling is a good thing.

Web Watch fully supports not throwing computers and other electronics away to rot in a landfill, when they can be properly dismanteled and have parts reused or disposed of in an environmentally-safe manner.

That said, it appears that some companies take this recycling thing just a bit too far by requesting that we recycle EVERYTHING.

Including adult toys and novelties. Continue reading HOW TO RECYCLE YOUR ADULT “TOYS”

Top 100 Things Teens Search for Online

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Symantec has released their list of the TOP 100 SEARCH TERMS TEENS USE ONLINE.

This list is from data tracked between February 2009 – July 2009, and comes from registered users of Symantec’s OnlineFamily.Norton, a service that parents can use to restrict or monitor their children’s Internet use when the parents are not available to look over their children’s shoulders.

The top 25 search terms from the list are: Continue reading TOP 100 THINGS TEENS SEARCH FOR ONLINE

Top Ten Places to Raise a Family

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When raising a family, parents often put quality of their children’s lives ahead of their own convenience, choosing to extend their commutes or even change jobs or careers in order to find a good place to live.

With this in mind, US NEWS AND WORLD REPORT has released their list of TOP TEN PLACES TO RAISE A FAMILY.

The list includes: Continue reading TOP TEN PLACES TO RAISE A FAMILY

August 23rd is National Go Topless Protest Day!

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You knew it was coming all year, and couldn’t wait… and now, August 23rd has finally arrived.

Yes, that’s right – August 23rd is NATIONAL GO TOPLESS PROTEST DAY!*

And what is National Go Topless Protest Day?  It’s only a different way to honor (recognize?) WOMEN’S EQUALITY DAY, which occurs on August 26th.

(*no surprise here: this link is NSFW, for obvious reasons)


78 Useful Photography Tips

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Taking photographs shouldn’t be difficult.

Today’s cameras are marvels at point-and-click technology, that it is practically impossible to take a bad photograph.

But people do take bad photos, all the time.  In part, it’s because modern digital cameras offer so many options to the novice photographer that they get overwhelmed and make bad photographic decisions. Continue reading 78 USEFUL PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS

The 10 Most Expensive iPhone Apps

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The iPhone App Store is loaded with fun apps that are priced at a reasonable $0.99 or $1.99.

But what about those apps that are the priciest?  Here’s a list of THE TOP TEN MOST EXPENSIVE iPHONE APPS, and what they do:

  1. Interpath ($179.99).  Used by medical professionals to view pathology images
  2. Nursing Constellation Plus ($179.99). A nursing and medical reference guide.
  3. Rosie Home Automation ($199.99). Used to control home A/V and security systems.
  4. iDcrm ($199.99). A Dynamics CRM app.
  5. Lexi-Dental Complete ($299.99). A dental reference guide.
  6. Mobile Cam Viewer ($349.99).  Used to control live surveillance cameras.
  7. PDR Quote ($349.99). Software for auto repair businesses
  8. MATG – SAP BusinessOne ($449.99). Used to access SAP’s BusinessOne application

As for the other two on the list?  You’ll have to click the link to see those.   Before you do, take a guess as to what the top priced app is priced at.

How To Prevent Osteoporosis and Brittle Bones

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If you are a woman suffering from brittle bones or osteoporosis, then science may have uncovered the best news you’ve ever heard:

“Drink beer”


SWOOPO – A Cheaper(?) Alternative to eBay

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If you are eBay auction-addicted, but are looking for a new way to find some high-end items relatively cheap, then SWOOPO may be the auction site for you.

Like eBay, it’s an online auction site.

But unlike eBay, where eBay makes money from the seller (auction posting fees) and from the buyer (taking a percentage of the final auction price), Swoopo uses a slightly different pricing model: Continue reading SWOOPO — A CHEAPER(?) ALTERNATIVE TO EBAY

Poop the World

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iPhone apps are either practical or fun.

POOP THE WORLD is an iPhone app that’s both.

Because everyone needs a way to track exactly where and what they pooped.

Continue reading POOP THE WORLD