Was the buzz worth it? Ever wonder how many calories are in that caffeinated drink?

By web gangsta | Published:

caffeine molecule shirtYou wake up every morning and wander down to the local Starbucks outlet and order yourself a double-shot half-mocha latte with extra whip, just to get yourself going.  You have a big day ahead, don’t you?

Everyone knows that if you cut back on those $4 fancy coffee drinks every day and brew your own, you’d save yourself about $1000 a year, give or take.

But what people aren’t talking about is how much fat you’re putting into your pants if you just take the drink and plop your ass into the office chair for the rest of the day.

Here’s a CHART DETAILING THE RATIO OF CAFFEINE TO CALORIES in most common beverages and related foods, in order to give you an idea of how much exercise you need to do to work that sweet, sweet nectar of the Colombian gods out of your system.

  • A mocha frappe latte (semi-skimmed) runs almost 500 calories.  Or about 30 minutes of boxing.  If you were wondering, that’s slightly more calories than a standard blueberry muffin
  • A one-liter bottle of regular Coca-Cola will run you about the same as a large iced mocha or a small mocha Frappucino with whipped creme.  Or 30 minutes of rollerblading
  • If tea is more your thing, be careful of the large Chai tea latte – that packs about 325 calories.  Try 30 minutes of running instead.
  • If 30 minutes of tennis is your thing, feel free to have a bowl of coffee ice cream.  They’ll about equal out.

Your best bet for a low-caloric yet high-caffeine item?  Good ol’ home-brewed coffee.  No sugar, no milk.  Just the beans and water will give you a minimum amount of calories, but up to 300mg of caffeine per cup.