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Oscar Watch 2010: the nominated animated short LOGORAMA is AWESOME

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Logos We Love

Have you heard about the Oscar-nominated animated short LOGORAMA?   It’s about 15-minutes long, and takes place in a world where everything – and we do mean EVERYTHING – is a logo.

The police, for example, are Bibendum (you may know Bibendum as “The Michelin Tire Guy”).

The zoo contains the Democratic Party elephant and Izod alligator logos.

Generic passers-by are the AOL guy and the BIC pen people.  If you know of a company that has a vehicle as their logo, you can be sure that it will be seen driving around this Logo city. 

The plot is your basic cop-versus-bad guy story, with NSFW language that seems to have been pulled from a Tarintino movie.  But the creativity that went into creating a world made entirely of corporate logos is astounding.

Web Watch picked Logorama to win this category in our annual Oscars movie pool, without having even seen the film.  Now that we have watched it, we’re not changing our selection at all. 


The New Fashion Trend: Bedazzling Your Hoo-Ha (aka “Vajazzle” and “Vagacial”)

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Temporary Body Jewelry Tattoos
Temporary Body Jewelry Tattoos for Vajazzling

Web Watch thinks that some things are perfectly fine the way they are, but apparently some women think that some body parts are always in need of a little, well, something “extra”. 

And we’re not talking about a simple bikini wax or the more complicated and deadly Brazilian wax (yes, a Brazilian wax can kill you, remember?).

If you’re one of those women who think that their special place needs a little special something, then Web Watch would like to point you in the proper direction to get that taken care of.

First, let us introduce you to THE ART OF VAJAZZLING (eg VAJAZZLING: from the root word “vajazzle”, meaning “to bedazzle your vag”. As used in a sentence – “I can’t believe you got vajazzled!”) Continue reading THE NEW FASHION TREND: BEDAZZLING YOUR HOO-HA (AKA “VAJAZZLE” AND “VAGACIAL”)

Top 15 Houseplants Every Household Should Have. (It’s SCIENCE!)

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Boston Fern

If you don’t have a lot of houseplants around your home, you should.

We already know that plants are good for the environment, smell nice, and look pretty while sitting on the plant rack in the corner of your kitchen.

But now scientists have determined – scientifically, of course – which are the absolute BEST HOUSEPLANTS TO HAVE IN YOUR HOME

Why? Because plants will help clean the air in your house more efficiently and naturally than anything else you can find.  The folks at NASA even determined that you should have one plant for every 100 square feet of living space in your house.

So what are some of the 15 plants that you should run out to the store to buy right now? Continue reading TOP 15 HOUSEPLANTS EVERY HOUSEHOLD SHOULD HAVE. (IT’S SCIENCE!)

Today’s Fun Fact: Smoking Leads to Saggy Boobs (and 14 other tidbits)

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Smoking Chick

If you are a woman and you smoke, Web Watch would like to inform you that you are doing your body more harm than good.

A study in 2007 determined that there were THREE CONTRIBUTING FACTORS TO SAGGING BREASTS, and not one of those factors involved breastfeeding.  The study determined that the three factors were: Continue reading TODAY’S FUN FACT: SMOKING LEADS TO SAGGY BOOBS (AND 14 OTHER TIDBITS)

Update to our Discovery Channel “Boom de ya da” Post

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Earlier this month, Web Watch posted about parodies of the Discovery Channel’s BOOM DE YA DA commercial.

How could we not include THIS TRIBUTE TO WEB COMIC xkcd featuring online favs like Cory Doctorow and Wil Wheaton, which was based on THIS xkcd cartoon, based on the Discovery Channel commercial (shown below).  Whew!

xkcd loves Discovery Channel

Flash Fun: an Alice in Wonderland-based audio/mouse-control game

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Alice in Wonderland audio book

By now, Web Watch is sure that you’ve seen the trailers for Johnny Depp and Tim Burton’s new Disney film ALICE IN WONDERLAND.

The fact that a film is pending to be released hasn’t stopped game developers from not releasing games that are based on Lewis Carroll’s classic. 

Take RECORD TRIPPING, for example – aside from being based on the familar tale of Alice chasing the White Rabbit around Wonderland and encountering the Mad Hatter and other interesting characters, it’s the game mechanics that really set RECORD TRIPPING apart from other online games. Continue reading FLASH FUN: AN ALICE IN WONDERLAND-BASED AUDIO/MOUSE-CONTROL GAME

FOOD ALERT! Girl Scout cookie Thin Mints are still smaller, so try this recipe

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It really shouldn’t bother Web Watch as much as it does.

After all, eating too many cookies of any type isn’t good for you.  Heck, even Cookie Monster says that “Cookies are a Sometimes Food

But as the Chicago Sun-Times and others pointed out last year, Girl Scout cookies were getting a bit smaller, perhaps due to the recession.   There’s even a FACEBOOK page devoted to fans who want to get their 8 cookies back in the box.

But now an entire whole year has passed since, and Web Watch dutifully went to the local grocery store to buy our annual allottment of Thin Mints, Tagalongs, and Samoas from the Girl Scouts (and their parents) trying to sell off their excess inventory*.

And Web Watch can confirm that this year’s Thin Mints Economic Indicator shows that the economy is still in the gutter as the 2010 box looks to be the same as the 2009 box.  That is, in 2010 we’re still looking at a smaller box and fewer cookies. Continue reading FOOD ALERT! GIRL SCOUT COOKIE THIN MINTS ARE STILL SMALLER, SO TRY THIS RECIPE

Can you name all of Heinz’ 57 Varieties?

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Heinz 57 Varieties

You’ve seen Heinz’ giant pickle logo, proudly talking about Heinz’ 57 varieties.

You’ve even had Heinz 57 sauce on your Cheeseburger in Paradise, along with some lettuce and tomato and french-fried potato.

But can you name the other 56 Heinz varieties? Continue reading CAN YOU NAME ALL OF HEINZ’ 57 VARIETIES?

Having trouble making a toast or speaking in public? Try one of these 10 tips

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Making a toast

Are you one of those people who have trouble making a toast or otherwise speaking in public?  For some folks, singing in the shower is easy, but singing in front of an audience is scary.  Speaking into a microphone instead of singing can be equally nerve-wracking for people who are uncomfortable being the center of attention.

But whether it be a wedding or other celebrations, or merely standing in front of a room of your peers and making a business presentation, PUBLIC SPEAKING IS EASY IF YOU FOLLOW THESE “TOASTMASTERS” TEN STEPS: Continue reading HAVING TROUBLE MAKING A TOAST OR SPEAKING IN PUBLIC? TRY ONE OF THESE 10 TIPS

11 More Surprising Sex Statistics

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Woman's Day magazine

A few months ago, WEB WATCH brought faithful Web Watch readers a list of 10 SURPRISING SEX STATISTICS

Thanks to the editors at WOMAN’S DAY magazine, Web Watch is pleased to bring you the following list of 11 SURPRISING SEX STATISTICS that you knew you’ve been wondering about. Continue reading 11 MORE SURPRISING SEX STATISTICS

How to Use a Kitchen Knife (and keep your fingers)

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Victorinox Kitchen Knife

If there’s one thing that Web Watch has learned from watching hours of Food Network programming, it’s that there are many different ways to maim yourself with a kitchen knife as there are foods that need to be sliced and diced.

Tom Mylan, owner of THE MEAT HOOK in Brooklyn, New York, knows a thing or two about proper knife usage since he uses them every day as part of his job.  Continue reading HOW TO USE A KITCHEN KNIFE (AND KEEP YOUR FINGERS)

What is the key of YOUR favorite songs?

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Sixpence None the Richer

Remember back when Web Watch told you about how THERE SHE GOES by SIXPENCE NONE THE RICHER was called THE MOST PERFECT SONG EVER RECORDED?  It was called that, in part due to its ideal song length, and for other reasons as well.

While it may not be a way to tell if what you’re listening to is THE perfect song or not, if you’re a LAST.FM user than we can at least identify if the key of your favorite songs all fall into the same ballpark or not.

In other words, do you favor listening to songs that are in the same key or not?


Congratulations, Fresno! You’re America’s Drunkest City!

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Drinker's Beer Belt

It wasn’t officially a competition, but we do have a winner (according to the fine folks at MEN’S HEALTH magazine).

By an overwhelming margin, FRESNO, CALIFORNIA HAS BEEN NAMED AMERICA’S DRUNKEST CITY out of 100 entries!  Time to celebrate!

Web Watch is sure that you’re asking how Fresno earned this vaulted honor.  It was quite easy, actually.

Men’s Health took into account the following pieces of information:

  • Death rate from alcoholic liver disease
  • Deaths due to DUI
  • The number of DUI arrests
  • The number of admitted binge drinkers in the past month
  • The severity — or lack thereof — of DUI penalties 

Cities were rated on a scale with 1 being the worst in the selected category.  The lower your overall score ended up, the higher your city ranked on the “drunkest city” list.   Let’s take a look, shall we? 

We already know that Fresno, California is America’s Drunkest City — but who were the 99 runners-up? Continue reading CONGRATULATIONS, FRESNO! YOU’RE AMERICA’S DRUNKEST CITY!

Introducing “My New Pink Button” (sometimes the jokes write themselves)

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My New Pink Button: Makeup for Women

Web Watch will refrain from making any commentary about MY NEW PINK BUTTON, a new makeup product proclaiming to add a youthful pinkness to a woman’s Lady Parts.

No – unlike Natalie Bui at the University of Colorado, Web Watch will not say that we are “repulsed” or state that it’s sad that “women have become so self-conscious of their bodies that they feel that even their most intimate parts must be altered and “beautified.”

We will not call My New Pink Button “yet another extreme product to alter women’s bodies to appear more like the porn star ideal“, as Little Miss Brightside has done.

Nor will we call My New Pink Button as the “worst Valentine’s Day Gift, ever“.

No, Web Watch will not do this.

What Web Watch can do is offer the following information, taken straight from the My New Pink Button website, allowing faithful Web Watch readers to form their own opinion on the product.

After all, My New Pink Button wouldn’t exist if there wasn’t some demand for it, right?


“12 Signs That He’s Falling in Love With You” are really “12 Signs You’re On a First Date”

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Keep Falling In Love

For some single women, the biggest question that they can ask as they’re at that short-term/long-term relationship cusp is HOW CAN WE TELL IF HE’S FALLING IN LOVE WITH ME?

Web Watch will ignore the obvious “when he says I Love You first”, because we all know that never happens.

So here are some of the 12 signs that ALL WOMEN’S TALK have come up with: Continue reading “12 SIGNS THAT HE’S FALLING IN LOVE WITH YOU” ARE REALLY “12 SIGNS YOU’RE ON A FIRST DATE”