Meet Trent. To some, Trent is a savior. (You might not want to shake his hand, though)

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Buying Dad - One Woman's Search for the Perfect Donor


Although, perhaps “professional” is not the correct word to use, as Trent Arsenault gives his sperm away for free to any interested party.

He claims at least 10 successful pregnancies, and suggests that those interested in his services use the “local pickup” option, although FedEx is available if necessary.

Trent’s website contains what claims to be his complete medical history (including the typical chicken pox at 5-years-old), and ready-for-notarizing documents that describe exactly what is or isn’t expected out of all parties involved.

What isn’t clear is exactly why Trent has decided to make himself available for free, but there do seem to be any number of people willing to take Trent up on his offer.

If contacting Trent for his services sounds like something that you might be interested in, Web Watch would like to point out that you may want to BE WARY OF SPERM DONORS THAT YOU MEET ONLINE.

  • Some donors will insist only on providing via “natural method only”.
  • Some donors have a small catch – potential recipients must fly to their countries (at their own expense) for a face-to-face meeting
  • Many countries are no longer paying for donations, causing the potential donor pool to dry up – no pun intended. For example, as Canada doesn’t pay for donations anymore, about 80% of the sperm donated to Canadian women comes from the United States.  Finally, an industry where the US is on the positive side of the trade deficit.


UPDATE 12/15/11:  Apparently, Trent Arsenault has run into some legal FDA trouble, as the FDA HAS CLASSIFIED TRENT’s “business” AS A “FIRM THAT REDISTRIBUTES SEMEN.   Since he started his website, he has fathered 14 children since 2004, and has made a total of 328 sperm donations to 46 different recipients between 2006 and 2010.