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News Flash: Even Smokers Don’t Want to Date Other Smokers

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As we celebrate WORLD NO TOBACCO DAY today, Web Watch would like to point out a RECENT SMOKING-RELATED SURVEY that came out that said that 80% of male smokers surveyed would prefer to date a non-smoker.


Today’s Fact: 40-50% of American Marriages End in Divorce

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Guy's Guide to Getting Over a Divorce
Guy’s Guide to Getting Over a Divorce

Sometimes one needs to evaluate their personal relationships based on statistics around us in order to see whether we are above the norm or staying about average.

We all want to be in the top x% of whatever the good ranking is; nobody wants to be “average” or worse.  Unless the topic is one such as divorce, in which case the object is to NOT be in the normal range — especially when the range appears to lean towards divorce being the norm.

Sometimes you can’t help it – some marriages are destined to lead to divorce based on established criteria learned from hundreds of thousands of divorces before yours.  That’s what led economist Betsey Stevenson to create the DIVORCE CALCULATOR, a simple way to determine the likelihood of your relationship ending in a flurry of court-approved paperwork or not based on education level and financial stability. Continue reading TODAY’S FACT: 40-50% OF AMERICAN MARRIAGES END IN DIVORCE

When it comes to their hair, 29% of men surveyed are most concerned about dandruff

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According to a RECENT SURVEY ABOUT HOW MEN FEEL ABOUT THEIR LOOKS done in New Zealand, men are more concerned about the amount of dandruff they have over whether they are suffering from hair loss. Continue reading WHEN IT COMES TO THEIR HAIR, 29% OF MEN SURVEYED ARE MOST CONCERNED ABOUT DANDRUFF

Did You Know? The average pair of underwear contains about 1/10th of a gram of poop

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Dirty Underwear

According to a study by Charles Gerba – professor of microbiology at the University of Arizona: the AVERAGE PAIR OF UNDERWEAR CONTAINS APPROXIMATELY 1/10th OF A GRAM OF POO.

Gerba says that when you do an entire load of laundry that consists of just underwear, the wash water will contain about 100 million E. coli.  That many critters won’t completely wash away when the load is complete, and will remain in the washer to infest the next load of laundry that gets washed. Continue reading DID YOU KNOW? THE AVERAGE PAIR OF UNDERWEAR CONTAINS ABOUT 1/10TH OF A GRAM OF POOP

The Vaccine/Autism Connection: the Jenny McCarthy Body Count

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Healing and Preventing Autism
Healing and Preventing Autism

Autism is one of those conditions whose cause has been difficult to find.

Some parents of autistic children and other autism advocates — as many as one in four parents — have said that CHILDREN’S VACCINES CAUSE AUTISM.  Since that original 1998 report proposing that there was a link between vaccination shots and autism came out, further studies since then have SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN THAT NO SUCH LINK EXISTS. Continue reading THE VACCINE/AUTISM CONNECTION: THE JENNY MCCARTHY BODY COUNT

How Disney Villains stack up against each other, and against other characters

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The Disney Villain
The Disney Villain

Remember a few months ago when Web Watch showed you the PIXAR CHARACTER SIZING CHART?  Well, it seems that was just the beginning for artist Juan Pablo Bravo.

Since then, he has come out with two additional charts in his character sizing series:


How To Legally Change Your Name (guess what Jack Roy and Chaim Witz have in common)

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The Name Change Kit
The Name Change Kit for Brides

Changing your name can be a difficult process, whether it be for business, professional, or personal reasons.

Jack Roy, like other FAMOUS NAME-CHANGING CELEBRITIES, felt that he would find greater success by changing his name to Rodney Dangerfield. Continue reading HOW TO LEGALLY CHANGE YOUR NAME (GUESS WHAT JACK ROY AND CHAIM WITZ HAVE IN COMMON)

Things we learned today: The History of the Shopping Cart

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Shopping Cart
Shopping Cart

Ah, the shopping cart.

Whether you call it a buggy, shopping cart, grocery cart, trolley, shopping carriage, or shopping basket – we can all agree that they make shopping a bit easier.

Web Watch will refrain from commenting on how recent times have shown parents are using shopping carts as child-restraint systems instead of having lazy kids that are old-enough and big-enough to walk along in the store actually do so.  Don’t know what we’re not talking about?  Here’s a randomly selected example:

child in shopping cart (image courtesy of Flickr)

Yeah, Web Watch never got to ride in the shopping cart when we were growing up once we were big enough to walk on our own in the store. Our parents would never have allowed it. Continue reading THINGS WE LEARNED TODAY: THE HISTORY OF THE SHOPPING CART

Improve yourself with TWO-MINUTE RULE and the THREE-MINUTE RULE

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Sometimes, all it takes to break out of a slump – whether it be marketing or designing a new product, or just getting out from under a deluge of emails in order to proceed along the rest of your day – is to apply some new rules to your life.  Today, Web Watch would like to introduce you to the TWO MINUTE RULE and the THREE MINUTE RULE. Continue reading IMPROVE YOURSELF WITH TWO-MINUTE RULE AND THE THREE-MINUTE RULE

The Best Wedding Advice You’ll Ever Receive

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The Wedding Planner
The Wedding Planner / My Best Friend’s Wedding

We all know the stereotypical wedding-movie plotline involves some crazy BRIDEZILLA who gets involved with planning a wedding (or a crazed wedding planner, or a father who tries to plan the perfect wedding for his daughter)…when Suddenly Something Goes Wrong!

Let’s face it – actual weddings and wedding planning can be much, much simpler than that.  Glamour magazine interviewed a number of wedding planners and came up with THE BEST WEDDING ADVICE EVER GIVEN that every bride and groom should try to follow – regardless of anything else – if you want to be able to sit back and really enjoy your nuptials.


Flash Fun: “Cursed Treasure – Don’t Touch My Gems” tower defense

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Tower Defense

If there’s one type of video game that Web Watch can’t get enough of, it’s games in the TOWER DEFENSE genre.  We’ve already talked about the GUY WHO INVENTED THE ORIGINAL TOWER DEFENSE GAME, along with a REALLY DEEP AND VARIED VERSION in GEMCRAFT CHAPTER 0.

Here is another variation on the Tower Defense theme entitled CURSED TREASURE – DON’T TOUCH MY GEMS. Continue reading FLASH FUN: “CURSED TREASURE — DON’T TOUCH MY GEMS” TOWER DEFENSE

How to Train your Bird to Talk

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The Farmer Says
The Farmer Says

Animals can say the darndest things.

Here are some videos that prove just that.



Things not to talk about on a date

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How to Get a Date
How to Get a Date

In today’s Facebook and Twitter world, everbody is used to sharing (and oversharing) everything about themselves.  Status updates abound, with every little detail / complaint / success / feeling being sent out onto the Internet for the entire population to see — and possibly comment on.

Which is why, when it comes to dating – especially the first date – there are still some rules that should be reviewed as a reminder of what does…and doesn’t…make good first date conversation.

Here are some THINGS NOT TO TALK ABOUT ON A FIRST (or second, or even third) DATE:

  • Any previous relationship.  Yes, everyone has an ex of some type, but you’re not out on a date with them right now, are you?   You can have the “how many people have you slept with” conversation later… like when you’re actually planning on doing the deed.  But for now, leave that topic behind.
  • Your mom.  Even if you’re from the South, where MOMMA’S BOYS ARE MOST OFTEN FROM.  She’s important, but you’re not dating her either. Since Web Watch knows you’re curious about this, 42% of men from Alabama talk to their mom every day.  Here are the states with the highest percentages of sons talking to their mothers on a regular basis (not necessarily daily):
    • Alabama – 72%
    • Tennessee – 69%
    • Louisiana – 64%
    • Georgia – 61%
    • Utah – 55%
    • Kansas – 53%
    • Virginia – 41%
    • Florida – 27%
    • Alaska – 24%
    • Maine – 41%
  • Financial problems.  Everyone has some sort of money issue, but don’t scare off your date this early in a possible relationship.  Besides, she’s going to be wondering whether she should be paying for dinner tonight.
  • Stripper stories.  Unless, of course, you’re on a first date with a stripper.
  • Family baggage.  Unless your mom was a stripper to solve some family financial problem. With that, you have a fascinating story.

Of course, the conversation portion of the evening is just half the battle.  Picking a good first date location is difficult, beyond the less-than-original “dinner and a movie” concept.  But at least have more than one activity planned, and be willing to completely alter your plans if she decides that she wants to do something else entirely. 

And don’t answer your phone or check your Blackberry.  You want her to think that she’s the most important thing in the room to you.  Remember, women almost always know within the first five minutes of meeting a possible suitor whether or not they will be sealing the deal.   So don’t blow it because you need to check your buddies’ Facebook statuses.

Mr. Dormouse’s Animated Album Covers and Rock Cats ROCK

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Animusic – Animated Music Video

We all have those nifty MP3 audio programs, such as WINAMP or WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER that display funky animations on screen when the audio is playing.

And on our iPod / iPhone / Android devices, the music players will display the static album cover as artwork in order to give you something to look at while you’re scanning through your music library.

So why not put the two ideas together?


The top 20 cities with highest consumer debt are…

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I'm a Debt Collector
I’m a debt collector

Experian has released their list of the 20 CITIES WITH THE HIGHEST AMOUNT OF CONSUMER DEBT per consumer.

If it helps, the nationwide average for debt is $24,775.  Even if you yourself aren’t carrying $25,000 in consumer debt (credit cards, installment loans), it’s possible that your friends and neighbors are the ones bringing your city’s debt load up with them. 

Remember, saving money is just as important to helping keep the economy strong as is being an active credit card user. Continue reading THE TOP 20 CITIES WITH HIGHEST CONSUMER DEBT ARE…