Triskaidekaphobia vs Paraskavedekatriaphobia – learn the difference

By web gangsta | Published:

Friday the 13th Camp Crystal Lake sign 

We at Web Watch want to be sure that our Web Watch readers are aware whenever there is a potential of making a grammatical faux pas of grand scale come this week’s FRIDAY THE 13TH.

We wouldn’t want our faithful readers to mistakenly call into work, claiming that they suffer from triskaidekaphobia.

Because the FEAR OF THE NUMBER 13 (which is what triskaidekaphobia is all about) has absolutely nothing to do with Friday the 13th at all.  Calling in sick because you’re scared of a number is just plain stupid.

Calling in sick because you’re SCARED OF FRIDAY THE 13th, that’s a different issue altogether.

Because suffering from paraskavedekatriaphobia is a completely different fear than the fear of a simple number.  If you suffer from paraskavedekatriaphobia (like Henry Ford and Napolean Bonaparte did), then you may really have a case for trying to avoid leaving the house that day.

If you need to know more, give Donald Dossey in Asheville, North Carolina a call.  He’s the head of the STRESS MANAGEMENT CENTER AND PHOBIA INSTITUTE and is the one who originally coined the term paraskavedekatriaphobia.

We just wouldn’t suggest calling on Friday the 13th – he’s likely to be quite busy that day.