If you use it wrong, your toilet may kill you

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Remodeling Bathrooms
Remodeling Bathrooms



This really isn’t anything new, as proper toilet use has been studied since the 1960’s at least.  At question is whether the upright, “European-style” toilets where one properly sits as if on their own personal throne, is good for you or not versus the time-worn method of evacuating by squatting over a convenient hole in the ground.

What all the studies have shown is that straining while sitting can lead to hemorrhoids, but that the natural body position that comes from a proper squat practically eliminates the need to strain away.

Many of you may have heard stories of foreigners not understanding how to sit on a standard toilet to do their business, and climbing up onto the toilet seat in order to precariously balance over the bowl.  Some of you may even have seen or purchased JONATHAN ISBIT’s NATURE’S PLATFORM device, designed to fit over and around your household toilet to convert the traditional seat into the even-more traditional squatter-friendly environment

Small disclaimer: Web Watch knows of at least one person who has used and has recommended Nature’s Platform to others – this may not be something often talked about at dinner parties, so you may be surrounded by squatters and not even know it.

The science behind the squat vs sit theory all comes about by looking at your intestinal tract as a giant flexible pipe.  Sitting makes that pipe stay at a specific angle that makes it difficult for waste to travel.  Squatting straightens that pipe out, allowing the waste to flow freely out.

Maybe you don’t need to get a Nature’s Platform to have a squat-like experience.  Maybe the issue is solely with the height of your toilet seat.  The standard toilet seat is 14″ high.  ADA requirements for “chair-friendly” toilet heights come in between 15″-17″ high.  The conclusion is that the higher the toilet seat, the less likely your body will be able to obtain a squat-like position.  So if you still want to sit to go, you may want to look for a toilet seat that is as low to the ground as possible.

Sure, squatting might not be sexy, but do you really think about being sexy THEN?  We didn’t think so.