Angry Birds walkthrough, the science of Angry Birds, and Angry Bird Toys

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a Nintendo Angry Bird
A Nintendo Angry Bird

Have you caught the ANGRY BIRD craze for your iPhone, Android, or other mobile device?

Would it help to know that ANGRY BIRDS is coming to WII and XBOX LIVE, and PS3 soon?

How about that some math geeks have determined that the RED ANGRY BIRD is 70cm TALL? (That’s about 27.5 inches, for those of you who are metric-challenged… a little more than 2 feet tall.  We’ll repeat what the article says: that’s one BIG angry bird.)   And if you were wondering, the slingshot — assuming that it is exactly the same on every game level — is 5 meters tall (about 16 feet).

You know that ANGRY BLUE BIRD that splits into THREE ANGRY BLUE BIRDS?  Each of the three blue birds is 30 times the mass of the original blue bird — you should always split the blue birds before they hit anything.

Feel like building your own Angry Birds fortress in your backyard? You may want to pick up some ANGRY BIRD PLUSH TOYS and some GREEDY PIG PLUSH as well.  Should be shipping between now and Christmas, so get your order in today!

Want to see the Angry Birds Walkthroughs? Here you go…

Level 1-1

Level 1-6

Level 1-11

Level 1-16

Level 2-1

Level 2-6

Level 2-11

Level 2-16

Level 3-1

Level 3-6

Level 3-11

Level 3-16