Moms are online over 20 hours a week. Doing what?

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Cooking Mama
Cooking Mama

According to a study released from Disney Online, MOMs SPEND 24 HOURS A WEEK ONLINE.

The study, entitled M.O.M. – Moms On A Mission, was focused on showing how much today’s parents relied on using the Internet and other electronics to make parenting easier.

According to the study, Moms use the following technology most often:

  • Computer (89%)
  • Internet (87%)
  • Mobile Device (84%)
  • Television (80%)
  • Digital Camera (77%)
  • CD/DVD Player (75%)
  • Social Networks (55%)

Moms are most often online between 5am and noon.  When describing how they use the Internet, the Moms on the study responded:

  • 75% of Moms go online for a specific activity
  • Moms spend an average of 6.9 hours a week online connecting with family and friends, using both email (84%) or social networks (69%)

When asked about the type of information they turn to the Internet for answers first, the Moms responded:

  • 71% go online to find deals or discounts
  • 71% to find recipes
  • 62% for family activities, entertainment and travel
  • 59% for personal health questions
  • 56% to find arts/crafts projects
  • 54% for holiday planning and activities
  • 50% to find dieting information
  • 49% for beauty/style
  • 46% to seek answers for financial questions
  • 42% for parenting advice
  • 41% to answer questions on baby/pregnancy