Social strategy decisions = what the f*** SHOULD we make for dinner?

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Music for TV Dinners
Music for TV Dinners

Web Watch has two websites for you today.

The first one is WHAT THE F*** SHOULD I MAKE FOR DINNER? which is also soon to be available in book form (yet another blog-to-book deal, apparently).

One would visit this site to get suggestions on exactly what the f*** you should make for dinner.  Some of the f’ing suggestions include:

  • You won’t not make some fucking Spareribs, “St. Louis-Cut Ribs,” and Baby Back Ribs
  • How about some fucking Grilled Chicken Salad
  • Lessen your mother’s shame with some fucking Grilled Butterflied Leg of Lamb

There’s a vegetarian option as well, featuring:

  • I’d say eat shit, but that wouldn’t be helpful, how about some fucking Onion Confit
  • Try some fucking Fettuccine Alfredo
  • My crunchy, granola ass wants some fucking Crisp Celery & Apple Salad in Curry Cream Dressing

Delicious suggestions, all!

Here’s the best part – the concept of hitting refresh to obtain a new suggestion of something to try can be applied to all sorts of different themes.  From the same folks, here’s their take on the world of Twitter, Facebook, and other social media fun with WHAT THE F*** IS MY SOCIAL MEDIA “STRATEGY”?

Sadly, these are not nearly as amusing as what to have for dinner as they seem like actual social media strategy quotes:

  • Enhance the customer experience by facilitating authentic conversations
  • Strengthen the emotional connection with the brand by building relationship
  • Build loyalty & increased engagement through ongoing conversation and brand experience