You’re too sexy for that iPhone? Make that “not sexy enough”

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Sexy Iphone Case
Sexy iPhone case

You know how some women dress a certain way because they believe that it makes them look sexy (even if it doesn’t)?

Or put on too much makeup, or poof their hair higher than it should?

Yes, it’s a mating ritual based on a perception on enhancing one’s outward appearance in order to attract a significant someone.

Men do the same thing, but often in a different way – some do it with fancy cars, big suits, or other things that emit levels of flash and style.

A study has been released that shows WOMEN AREN’T TURNED ON BY GADGETS


When surveyed about whether gadgets make people more attractive as a potential mate, only 36% of the women surveyed responded that someone using a new, cool smartphone was attractive.  Not exactly a ringing endorsement…. especially when about 50% of the young men surveyed thought that it did make them more desirable.  Oh, will they have issues growing up.

Both men and women said that someone reading a book was more attractive than someone using an iPad.

The report says that women under 35 find walking a dog to be sexier than seeing someone’s smartphone.  So, if you’re interested in meeting someone – go out and rent a puppy to bring to the park. 

But leave your iPhone home when you do.