Tacky Tourists Taking Photos of Tacky Things

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Tacky Tourist Costume
Tacky Tourists

Some people travel to be educated about an area’s history.

Some travel to try different cuisines, or to learn about different culture.

But after you’ve done all that, you may still have another 20 hours of the day to kill, wandering around a strange or unfamiliar city looking for something to do.

And that’s why you may find yourself, with camera in hand, looking for the underbelly of interesting things in your new locale.  There may not be a HARD ROCK CAFE or PLANET HOLLYWOOD nearby for you to buy a T-shirt from, but there may be something equally awesome.


Because you never know what you may run into, whether it be a statue dedicated to the TV show Bewitched, the perfect alignment of ALAMO and POSTCARD, or just a photo of the tackiest souvenirs available, this site shows us that nobody really knows how to take good travel photos.  Let’s run down the typical options that we see on the site:

  • Wearing native costumes and/or hats
  • Posing with locals who are just trying to do their job
  • Fake forced-perspective photos, making it look like you’re interacting with the landmark (leaning on the Leaning Tower of Pisa, holding a giant potato, etc)
  • Mimicking the object you’re taking a photo of – “we can’t tell, which one is the statue again?”
  • Doing a silly pose WITH the statue, whether it be kissing it, fondling it, sitting on it, or running away in fright

Yeah, don’t be the cliche — come up with something unique and different for us, please