You know who’s starting to dislike Lady Gaga? Gays.

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Lady Gaga - Born This Way
Lady Gaga – Born This Way

Web Watch won’t get into the controversy surrounding whether Lady Gaga’s most recent hit, Born This Way, sounds too much like some old Madonna song.

Hey, both have good beats and you can dance to ’em.  To the casual listener, that’s what’s called win-win.

But not everyone is in love with Lady Gaga, no matter what she does or says.

In part because she self-proclaims that gay people are her crowd, gays have begun to take great offense at being lumped together into a giant, throbbing Lady Gaga love-fest.  They’re not pleased that some media outlets have begun taking Gaga as a gay spokesperson or representative.

And thus GAYS AGAINST GAGA was born.

Basically, it’s a compilation of gay outrage against Lady Gaga and what she’s trying to force regarding the gay community and her status as the leading gay icon-of-the-moment  Here are some examples:

  • Former MTV VJ Dave Holmes wrote that Born This Way was forced upon him in the same manner that a family member’s gift has to be kept around to avoid hurting someone’s feelings
  •  From Yahoo! Music: Her new single sounds like it was Frankensteined in a lab from harvested parts of other artists’ gay anthems… in 10 minutes. It’s overworked, overwrought, noisy, cheesy, and very, very derivative

One other writer said “Perhaps people were disappointed that when Gaga addressed ‘Gay’ she dressed it up in a song that sounded pretty damn stereotypically gay. And not in the cool way.”

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