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You’re not following fashion trends if you’re still wearing mismatched bras and panty sets

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Santa Underwear
Santa Underwear

If you’re a fashionable lady and are continuing to wear mismatched bra and panty sets, you are no longer a trend-setter.

Because while the fashion trend over recent years has been to proudly show off your underwear choices (where it was critically important to ensure that your bra was somewhat matched to your top – and not as important whether your panties were in the same style… if you wore underpants at all) — retailers are claiming that WOMEN ARE BUYING MATCHING UNDERWEAR SETS IN GREATER NUMBERS.


Help set the Dodgeball World Record

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A Dodgeball
A Dodgeball

It’s time to try and set another World Record.


Proof that what your parents name you will dictate how successful you’ll be in life

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The Corner Office: Indispensable and Unexpected Lessons from CEOs on How to Lead and Succeed
The Corner Office: Indispensable and Unexpected Lessons
from CEOs on How to Lead and Succeed

Web Watch knows that you are an aggressive workaholic, just trying to make a name for yourself in this crazy world.

But have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you had a different name entirely?

Would you be happier having a more unique name, unique spelling?  Would you be happier being another Tom, Dick, or Harry in the room?  Today’s parents have any number of Baby Naming books available to them, but maybe they need to think beyond the immediate need of naming their newborn child and think long into the future. Continue reading PROOF THAT WHAT YOUR PARENTS NAME YOU WILL DICTATE HOW SUCCESSFUL YOU’LL BE IN LIFE

Reasons NOT to date a porn star. (As if you had a chance anyway)

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Vince had it rough last season on Entourage.

He started dating former porn star Sasha Grey, and then had a whole hissy fit when she ended up being, you know, into porn.

Hey Vince – the grass isn’t always greener on the other side, is it?  What’s the old adage – no matter how pretty someone is, somebody still has to put up with their crap?

Web Watch is not saying that porn actors/actresses or other adult entertainment celebrities (either former or current) are not datable.  They are, most certainly.

But when works in that industry, there’s a certain amount of …. let’s call it “baggage”… that comes along with it, that someone from outside the industry will still need to deal with at one level or other. Continue reading REASONS NOT TO DATE A PORN STAR. (AS IF YOU HAD A CHANCE ANYWAY)

The 2011 Top 100 Restaurants in the World

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NOMA: Time and Place in Nordic Cuisine
NOMA: A Time and Place in Nordic Cuisine
(a look at the World’s Best Restaurant)

If you, like Web Watch, like to travel to the Best Places in the World, then you have most definitely heard of Denmark’s Noma, a 12-seat restaurant just outside Copenhagen.

Of course you’ve heard of Noma – it’s only been named the BEST RESTAURANT IN THE WORLD for 2011.   Still doesn’t ring a bell?  Does it help if it also earned the Best Restaurant title in 2010 also?

Yeah, now you know what we’re talking about.

So while RESTAURANT magazine can’t go and visit every single restaurant in the world, they do have a pretty good handle on who the top chefs are and what makes them tick.  Sure, the majority of these top places are located in Europe, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying to make your way to any of these fine establishments for a gourmet meal that you’ll never forget. Continue reading THE 2011 TOP 100 RESTAURANTS IN THE WORLD

The Top 100 Banned Books, 2000-2009

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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

The American Library Association (and the nation’s libraries in general) have a tough job – they need to make available practically every book ever written, yet they get yelled at for making certain books available.

Unfortunately, books don’t come with parental ratings guides. The best that a parent can hope for is that a particular book has been classified correctly into “children’s”, “young adult”, or “adult” material – but even then, there’s rarely a problem with a youngster deciding to read at a level above their head. It’s oft viewed as a sign of advanced brain development.

So when it comes to deciding what books their children should read, it really should be up to the individual parents to determine.  Parents have control over what media their children have access to at home, so books should be included in that material. 

There’s nothing wrong with a book being written and made available in a library or local bookstore. If you don’t believe that a particular book is for your child, then take the book away from them – but don’t force the issue by making those books unavailable to everyone else who may be interested (or not offended) in reading the same material. Continue reading THE TOP 100 BANNED BOOKS, 2000-2009

You can’t be a successful musician until you’ve gone bankrupt at least once

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The Big Payback: The History of the Business of Hip-Hop
The Big Payback: The History of the Business of Hip-Hop

There are lots of financial obligations when you’re a solo musician or in a band.

You have to worry about getting gigs, writing music, obtaining copyright or other legal paperwork.  Then there’s the infighting, splitting appearance fees, and paying for samples in your hit song that borrowed liberally from clips you found on YouTube.

Yeah – music royalties may not pay a lot, but they do end up paying something.  But sometimes, what you get from those royalty checks isn’t enough to make ends meet.

But all is not lost if you have to file for bankruptcy.   All sorts of extremely successful and well-respected artists have had to make that financial sacrifice in order to continue their careers later.  If you end up having to file bankruptcy, at least you’d be in good company. Continue reading YOU CAN’T BE A SUCCESSFUL MUSICIAN UNTIL YOU’VE GONE BANKRUPT AT LEAST ONCE

Underpants sales are up! (How does this affect the economy?)

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Nice Underwear welcome mat
Nice Underwear!

You may recall a few years ago when Web Watch told you about the Hot Waitress Economic Index and the Underwear Economic Index

That’s right, folks – if you’ve been following along with Web Watch over the years, none of today’s post will be news to you.


If you had to do just one exercise for the rest of your life, which would you choose?

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The Luscious Bellydance Workout for Beginners
The Luscious Bellydance Workout for Beginners

The NYTimes recently posed the question, WHAT’S THE SINGLE BEST EXERCISE?

The writers spoke with physicians, physiologists, and even a professor of sport and exercise science (and also a past Olympian) for their opinions, and they were able to come to a single conclusion. Continue reading IF YOU HAD TO DO JUST ONE EXERCISE FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE, WHICH WOULD YOU CHOOSE?

The latest perfume scents: bacon, poo, and semen. Luckily, not all at once

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Scent of a Woman
Scent of a Woman

Who doesn’t like the smell if bacon?

Okay, besides most vegetarians and perhaps some religious folks — who doesn’t like the smell of bacon?

Well, Web Watch is still unsure about this new perfume, interestingly enough, entitled “Bacon” (pronounced bay-cone) – and it very well may be a prank product right now.  But perfume maker FARGGINAY has gone ahead and created just that.  A bacon-scented perfume. Continue reading THE LATEST PERFUME SCENTS: BACON, POO, AND SEMEN. LUCKILY, NOT ALL AT ONCE

Should women be astronauts? Sure – just be sure to drink their pee

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Astronaut Barbie
Astronaut Barbie

There are some people who say that women shouldn’t be astronauts. 

It really doesn’t matter who those idiots are, because we have people like Dr William Rowe, and his website FEMALES IN SPACE, which offers many scientific and medical reasons why women are superior astronaut material. Continue reading SHOULD WOMEN BE ASTRONAUTS? SURE — JUST BE SURE TO DRINK THEIR PEE

The Top 100 Greatest Jewish Songs (by Jews, as Jews, for Jews, etc)

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Neil Diamond - The Jazz Singer
Neil Diamond – The Jazz Singer

When you think Jewish musicians, you may think of the obvious: Barbra. Dylan. Sandler.

But Jewish music is much more than that.  According to Curt Sachs, “Jewish music… is music created by Jews, as Jews, for Jews”.  In other words, to qualify as Jewish music, it wasn’t necessary to have Jewish musical roots as long as the feeling and intent – or the performer – was there.

So with that in mind, you may be interested in this list of THE TOP 100 JEWISH SONGS OF ALL TIME.  Sure, we won’t list all 100 of them here, and the descriptions of what makes each song inherently Jewish are awesome — but you may be surprised at what songs are considered great Jewish classics.

Maestro?  Hit it… Continue reading THE TOP 100 GREATEST JEWISH SONGS (BY JEWS, AS JEWS, FOR JEWS, ETC)

25 Manners Every Kid Should Know by Age 9 (reminder for adults, too!)

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Good Manners
Good Manners

Do you have friends whose kids are properly adorable and polite when at events when adults are present?  Or do those parents just tell the kids to go “play in the basement” where they can raise all the hell they want?

Are the kids able to hold a reasonable conversation and behave themselves?  Or is it like a living version of RUFUS & GALLANT, with Gallant nowhere to be seen?

If so, then you may want to check out these 25 MANNERS EVERY KID SHOULD KNOW and be sure that YOUR kids (or your friends’ kids) are following these as best they can.  Here’s some of those on the list: Continue reading 25 MANNERS EVERY KID SHOULD KNOW BY AGE 9 (REMINDER FOR ADULTS, TOO!)

More proof that the cosmetics/beauty industry is trying to kill you

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9-inch Beauty Hairstyling and Makeup Head
9″ Beauty Hairstyling and Makeup Head

Web Watch has said it before, about how beauty shops and cosmetics are trying to kill you:

Okay, you can’t actually die from having herpes.  Well, maybe die from embarassment… but that’s a completely different subject for a different day.

Let’s cut right to the chase: there are plenty of chemicals that are are part of various cosmetics and beauty products that you may not be aware are in there.  Here’s a list of the MOST UNWANTED INGREDIENTS IN PERSONAL CARE/BEAUTY PRODUCTS: Continue reading MORE PROOF THAT THE COSMETICS/BEAUTY INDUSTRY IS TRYING TO KILL YOU

Let’s go meta: “That can be my next tweet” is, in fact, my next tweet. Whoa!

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Ollie the Twitter Bird
Ollie, the Twitter Bird Mascot Toy

If you’ve been wondering what Web Watch’s next tweet would be, we can tell you that — at the time of this writing — it was most likely going to be something like one of the following:

  • Compared to Find out these apply to keep their STD Awareness Month says: OK GO’s Damian Kulash on
  • The Football Fan’s Guide to Roustabout says: The Platypus Song Christmas Trends to Get Ahead in 16!
  • Seven must-have kitchen gadgets, and you HAVE to Mouseworks to dislike Lady Gaga? Gays.
  • The 15 Biggest Box Office Holiday Party says: Ever wonder what the day: Sexy People!
  • Famous people would you really LOVE your money on when you bring with your farts says: How!
  • Connecticut tops the day: Sexy People! says: The 50 Types of 2010 says: One way to enjoy bicycling!

How did we know? Continue reading LET’S GO META: “THAT CAN BE MY NEXT TWEET” IS, IN FACT, MY NEXT TWEET. WHOA!