The end to embarassed farting cows, flatulent goats, and stinky sheep

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Cow Pie gift box
Cow Pie gift box

Science may not have found a way to cure major diseases, but they think they’ve figured out a way to keep a cow from farting.

And wouldn’t you know it, it’s the same concept that also helps keep you from farting as well:  A CHANGE IN THE COW’s DIET WILL PREVENT EXCESS GAS.

What scientists have found is that by changing livestock’s eating habits to things such as maize silage, naked oats, and grass with a higher sugar content can cut the amount of farting heard on the farm around the barn. 

It ends up that 9% of British greenhouse gas emissions come from sheep, cows, and goats.  And the occasional Mrs Brown after a little too much gin, if you know what we mean.

Just that simple change in diet could cut farts down by 20%, and up to 33% for sheep! 

Wow, if this takes effect, you really will be able to smell the dairy air, and not the derriere.  Ha!