Not pretty: wearing a year’s worth of makeup at one time

By web gangsta | Published:

The Eyes of Tammy Faye Baker

Web Watch has covered a few cosmetics-related articles in the past:

So when we ran across this video by LERNERT & SANDER entitled NATURAL BEAUTY, we knew we needed to bring it to your attention.

What the did was take Belgian model Hannelore Knuts and cover her face with an entire year’s worth of makeup.

The nine-hour video shoot taped the 365 makeup applications and compiled it into the video you see here:

Hannelore couldn’t move the entire shoot, and had to eat her food and water by straw. Pretty standard for any special effects makeup setup, but this was done just for the heck of it. In all, they used over 228ml of makeup. (for those of you not used to the metric system, that’s about a cup’s worth of goo.)