The 25 Documents Everyone Should Have Finalized Before They Die

By web gangsta | Published:

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Nobody wants to think about death, let alone their own.

Parents, particularly, need to consider what to do for their children. Older children need to think about whether their parents have everything in order themselves.

Web Watch knows where “The Box” is that contains all the parental paperwork. We also have contact numbers for various accountants and attorneys if necessary.  We hope that The Box contains everything we need to know when that time comes that we have to open it up.

So what paperwork should you have prepared in case something unexpected happens?  Here are the 25 DOCUMENTS YOU NEED TO HAVE PREPARED BEFORE YOU DIE.  Click to the article to see what the specifics needs are for each one:

  • Marriage license
  • Divorce papers
  • Personal and family medical history
  • Durable health-care power of attorney
  • Authorization to release health-care information
  • Living will
  • DNR order
  • Housing, land, and cemetary deeds
  • Escrow mortgage accounts
  • Proof of loans made, or debts owed
  • Vehicle titles
  • Stock certificates, savings bonds, brokerage accounts
  • Partnership and corporate operating agreements
  • Tax returns
  • Life insurance policies
  • IRA info
  • 401(k) info
  • Pension info
  • Annuity contracts
  • List of bank accounts and credit cards
  • All usernames and passwords.  (Use a system like 1PASSWORD, or keep a master spreadsheet on a flash drive with your legal paperwork and lawyers)
  • List of safe-deposit boxes
  • Will
  • Letter of instruction
  • Trust documents

Web Watch will thrown in one additional item we feel is also essential paperwork for any parent to provide to their children:

  • List of contacts, both business and personal.  People who may have access to the house. Business associates. Lawyers, accountants.

It’s never a pleasant conversation to have with one’s family, planning for one’s untimely demise. But careful planning ahead of time can save lots of hardship later.