Trouble applying sunscreen while at the beach by yourself? Just ask for someone to DO MY BACK

By web gangsta | Published:

Lotion Applicator
Don’t buy THIS Lotion Applicator…
check out the one below instead:

We’ve all been to the pool or the beach, with the hot sun blazing down. In one hand is a tube of sunblock, and the other just doesn’t reach all the way around to those special places where the sun actually does shine… a little too much.

So what’s a person to do?

You can do what Kate Slavin did after she ended a 2-year romantic relationship — she designed a product to allow herself to DO MY BACK without anyone else’s help.

Sure, there are other “lotion applicators on a stick” that you can go out and buy.  There’s even a “lotion loofah” applicator, that you rub all over your back like a giant towel.

But who wants to bring one of those with you to the beach?   No – what you want is the light and portable – and foldable – DO MY BACK lotion applicator.

No, Kate isn’t lamenting the end of that relationship any longer.  She’s counting Oprah and other morning news programs amongst her new best friends.