Eddie Wong has never seen STAR WARS. What movies have YOU never seen?

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Eddie Wong lives in Tokyo.

Tokyo, the mecca for pop culture craziness.


And Eddie is not alone.  There are plenty of other people who have also never seen George Lucas’ epic tale of Good vs Evil that revolutionized the movie and character licensing industries.

Heck, even Carrie Fisher has publically complained that she has NEVER RECEIVED ONE PENNY FOR PRINCESS LEIA MERCHANDISE because she “signed away her likeness when she was 19 years old”.

But that’s not Eddie’s issue.

Eddie just has no interest in seeing Star Wars.  And there’s nothing wrong with that.

There’s a whole list of movies that Web Watch has no interest in ever seeing.  Gone with the Wind. The Godfather (any of the three films).  Casino.  Casablanca.  It’s a Wonderful Life. Saving Private Ryan.

(Actually, Casino doesn’t belong on this list — we own the DVD, it’s physically on a stack of DVDs next to the DVD player!  We want to watch it.  We just haven’t gotten around to it.  Too much reality TV, it seems.  So nix that.  Forget we even included Casino on the list of films we haven’t seen.)

Which brings up the question we asked at the top of the page:  what films have you never seen that others would say you were crazy for having not seen yet?