Finish this sentence: It was over when….

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Web Watch is pleased to bring you yet another in our ongoing series of WEBSITES THAT HAVE BEEN TURNED INTO BOOKS, following in the footsteps of CAKE WRECKS and F*** MY LIFE that we’ve talked about in the past.

We know, we know. 

Why didn’t we think of it?

All it takes is a really awesomely great idea, and you start a blog.  Eventually, you start making so much traffic that mainstream press (and Web Watch) start writing about you.  Soon, the book publishers begin calling — and that’s when you cash in and retire to the Bahamas.

Today’s entry on this list is entitled IT WAS OVER WHEN… (tales of romantic dead ends).

It Was Over When...: Tales of Romantic Dead Ends
It Was Over When…: Tales of Romantic Dead Ends

All of us have had bad breakups of some sort — or, at the very least, knew when the relationship was really over.

Robert Elder has compiled all these stories into a laugh-out-loud collection of dating horror stories, from the sublime (“She loved the smell of Axe body spray”) to the ridiculous (“dinosaurs are a conspiracy theory”).

Yeah, some of these may not be showstoppers for everyone (“he folds his t-shirts TOO neatly”), but reading through all of other people’s relationship problems should make you feel really good about your own situation.