Which Grammy nominee is on your Free Pass list?

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Everybody has a “free pass” list.

That’s the list of celebrities that if, given the opportunity to do so, your significant other would allow you to have a personal encounter with (whether the ground rules state that it’s limited to just a kiss or something more naked and involved is up to the individuals making the pact).

The theory is that nobody would ever really have a shot at hooking up with a celebrity, so coming up with your Top Five fantasy hookups is really more for fun than anything else.

We all know the typical Hot Celebrities that everybody seems to put down on their lists:  George Clooney, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt.  (Yawn – can you get more boring and predictable?)

2012 Grammy Nominees
2012 Grammy Nominees

So let’s shake things up a little bit and see what would happen if your FANTASY HOOKUP LIST WAS LIMITED TO JUST THOSE WHO WERE NOMINATED FOR A 2012 GRAMMY.

That’s what FELLODY asked with their two-question survey:  WHO’S REALLY HOT? and WHO WOULD YOU HOOK UP WITH?

Yeah, those two questions don’t always lead to the same result — as you may not actually believe you’d have a chance hooking up with your really hot crush.

Men overwhelming put Katy Perry at the top of the HOT list, but somehow Robyn and LADY GAGA both brushed by Ms Perry to be the ultimate hook-up.

For women, Caleb Followill from Kings of Leon took the top HOT spot, but women chose Dave Grohl as their hook-up sensation.

The top 5 hotties for men were:

  • Katy Perry – 50%
  • Taylor Swift – 29%
  • Beyonce – 28%
  • Rihanna – 27%
  • Pink – 13%

The top 5 hookups for men were:

  • Robyn – 79%
  • Lady Gaga – 78%
  • Katy Perry – 76%
  • Nicki Minaj – 77%
  • Kelly Price and Rihanna, tied at 71%

For women, the top 5 hotties were:

  • Caleb Followill – 21%
  • Bruno Mars – 21%
  • Dave Grohl – 18%
  • Chris Martin – 17%
  • Bon Iver – 12%

Women’s hookups fell out as:

  • Dave Grohl – 60%
  • Thom Yorke – 55%
  • Bob Iver – 54%
  • Chris Martin – 50%
  • Kanye West – 45%