Eat like a man – don’t be a vegetarian

By web gangsta | Published:

If you’re like the majority of people today, you’re a meat-eater.

A carnivore.  You’ll eat chicken, steak, pork.

You know, all that good, tasty stuff.

A few of you may go fish-only, deciding that being a pescatarian is more your style.

Even fewer may decide that, for various reasons, being a vegetarian is the right lifestyle choice for you.  And then there are the vegans, who eschew all animal products (including dairy, eggs, and honey).

We’ll let the vegans be, as they’re not hurting anyone.

But the vegetarians?  Those people we’ll chat about today.  Read on…

The Vegetarian Dinner - Mr Manly
The Vegetarian Dinner, by Mr Manly

According to the JOURNAL OF CONSUMER RESEARCH, if you want to be considered a manly manly man, you will NOT choose to be a vegetarian.

Because according to their research, masculinity is associated with meat.

Meat is considered strong, sexy.  Soy is not.

And apparently, it’s all in the marketing.  Vegetables don’t have the same male-oriented panache that a good grilled steak has in today’s advertising and messaging.   Men who say that their vegetarians aren’t viewed as being as strong as their meat-eating counterparts.

So men – if you REALLY want to express yourself as a Real Man, put down that tofu burrito and pick up a slab of meat.  You’ll thank us later.