How often do you read the Bible? Apparently, not as often as you think

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Web Watch knows that not everybody is religious.

There are those people who only go to church on Christmas and Easter (“C&E’ers”).  Some who only attend on High Holy Days.

There are people who attend Mass every Saturday night, if only because they have other things to do on Sundays.

Each person has their own religious beliefs, and everyone can practice their religion in the best manner for their personal spiritual well-being.  And we’re okay with that.

The Bible
The Bible

But a RECENT STUDY FROM THE TRANSFORMATIONAL DISCIPLESHIP ASSESSMENT has discovered that maybe people who think that they’re religious, really aren’t as religious as they belive themselves to be.

  • Only 19% of those surveyed said that they read The Bible every day (while outside of Church)
  • 36% said that they read the Bible at least once a week, once a month, or a few times per month.
  • 18% said that they rarely or never read the Bible

And even with these Bible-reading numbers, the survey found out that 90% of respondents agree that they “try to please and honor Jesus in all I do”.    And yet those same people can’t bother to read the Bible more often than they already do – if they’re bothering to read the Bible at all.

So what about you?  What are YOUR Bible reading habits?  Do you try to read a little bit every day, or are you one of those 18% who rarely/never read the Bible at all?