Top things to do on a first date

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When was the last time you went on a “first date”?

Can you even remember what you did on your first date with your current significant other?  Here’s a game to play — with your spouse, you each separately write down how you believe your first date went.  The where, what, how — as many details as you can each remember.

Then, hand your answers over to an impartial party (like your best friends or children), and have them compile the answers back to see who got the most portions of the story correct.  Bonus points are awarded for anything the two of you match on.

Congratulations on going on your first date
Congratulations on going on your first date

If you’re like most people, theSTANDARD FIRST DATEis typically “dinner and a movie”.

How much fun is that?  Dinner, sure — that’s normal.  You get to eat and chat and have a drink or two.  Nothing wrong with that.  But the movie is weird – you sit in the dark with someone, not saying anything for the duration of the film  Sure, you get to experience the movie together, but you don’t get to SHARE the film until afterwards.  And if the dinner or the movie stunk, then you’ve really got nowhere else to go from there.

So Web Watch thought it would be great to share with you these TOP FIRST DATE tips for guys.  (Why guys? Because they’re the ones who need a little bit more help with their first date planning).

  • A picnic
  • Lunch
  • Dinner (see, we already covered this under “dinner and a movie”).  And since we’ve now covered the basic food groups, why not throw in either “brunch” or “dessert bar” as additional, viable options?  But whatever you do – don’t take her to a Ponderosa for a first date.  Save that until you know each other a little better.
  • Go-karts
  • The zoo
  • The amusement park.  (Trust Web Watch on this one — it’s a definite winner!)
  • Bowling (again, another home run option — but if it’s a surprise destination, be a gentleman and pack a fresh/new pair of appropriate women’s socks in the car for your date in case she wasn’t planning on wearing someone else’s shoes that day.  You’ll look like a superstar in your planning.
  • A bar with a good local music scene.  No need to dance, just kick back and listen.
  • Anything touristy, kitschy, tacky in the local area. Stuff you’d never do on your own, but would be a perfect laughable time with someone new
  • A local park to feed the swans/ducks.  Avoid the petting zoo, unless you have enough hand sanitizer around