Would you have sex with a stranger? Chances are, yes.

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Would you have sex with a stranger?

It’s a common thought, honestly.   Many of you think it over almost every single minute of the day, as you’re driving in rush-hour traffic and take a casual glance at the person driving next to you.  Walking down the street and getting a glance from someone at the coffee shop.  Passing someone going the other direction on the escalator.

It may be a fleeting moment, but you think it – just for a second.  “What if…”.   And then, like that, the moment has passed and you’ve moved on with your task at hand.

Sex with Strangers
Sex with Strangers

But Web Watch, you say, THAT never happens to me.

Well, perhaps you don’t consciously think it – it’s been more of a ‘back of the brain’ thing up until now. But you will be payng a bit more attention to the thought now, aren’t you?  Yeah, we know you will.

Which brings us to this study by NICOLAS GUEGUEN as seen in the Archives of Sexual Behavior regarding whether people really would have sex with a stranger,given the right circumstances.

What the study found was that 80% of men surveyed would willingly have sex with an attractive female stranger if all she did was ask them to have sex.

Surprised?  How about the 93% who said they’d be happy to go back to the woman’s apartment in the first place, sex or no.

And even average-looking women qualified for sex when they propositioned men.  80% said they’d go back to the woman’s apartment, and 60% agreed to have sex.

Think this is a men-only thing?  You’re probably right.  Just one woman out of the 120 participants in the study agreed to have sex with the male stranger who asked.

So ladies – if you’re out on the town and feeling a little frisky, you have a really good chance of landing any guy you meet, just by asking them if they’d like to have sex.   Men – you might not want to try this yourself.