Proof that old people are funnier than young people

By web gangsta | Published:

Young people tend to ignore older folks.

Advertisers tend to ignore older folks.

Even some older folks ignore each other at times.

But you know, sometimes we should take the time to listen to our elders.  They say some pretty funny stuff sometimes.

Crazy Sh*t Old People Say
Crazy Sh*t Old People Say

Take the AARP, for example.

First, they send out “welcome to your 50’s” messages to people as soon as their birthday comes along. How does the AARP know that someone just turned 50?  Hey, does it mean that we can get our 10% discount at the grocery store on Wednesdays now? Then it doesn’t matter, does it?

But nobody can say that the AARP DOESN’T HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOR.  They definitely do.

Take for example these two articles that they published:

Oh, both articles are full of this kinda of stuff.  It’s really pretty funny.

Say what you want about old people – they know how to have a good time and laugh at themselves.  After all, they also have the retirement plans and bank accounts to live it up for another 40-50 years, so they might as well enjoy themselves while they’re at it.