Is urine flammable? (Some say, “yes”)

By web gangsta | Published:

Web Watch has talked about things that urine can be useful for in the past, such as URINE THERAPY.

But did you know that your urine could save your life?

Dog Fire Hydrant Yard Garden Indoor Outdoor Statue
Dog Fire Hydrant Yard Garden Indoor Outdoor Statue

We know, it sounds strange to say it — but if you were stranded out in the wilderness and needed to start a fire, you could start a fire using your urine and a little bit of ingenuity.


So technically, you’re not actually setting your pee on fire with the trick shown in the above video — but you can’t deny that your pee played a vital role in making it happen.

So while urine can’t actually soothe jellyfish stings, what other helpful tips have you run across regarding how to use your urine to a better advantage?  Leave some suggestions you have in the comments below…