How to interpret your handwriting

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Do you have sloppy handwriting, or nun-sactioned perfect script?

Some people — doctors, famously – have some of the worst handwriting on the planet.  Some say it’s because they are so busy that they don’t have time to write a perfect note to the pharmacist or in your chart.  Others say it’s just sheer laziness.

Handwriting Analysis
Handwriting Analysis

But there are ways to INTERPRET WHAT HANDWRITING STYLES MEAN, so let’s take a quick look at some of the more basic details:

  • If you write with small letters, you are shy or withdrawn.  Average-sized letters show you as being well-adjusted.  If you write with large letters, you are more out-going and people-oriented.
  • If you write with narrow spacing between words, then you are more intrusive with your interactions with others; wide spacing between words shows that you prefer to be away from crowded situations
  • Do you write with a slant?  No slant shows practicality. Slants to the right are for more open-minded people, while slants to the left are more loner-types
  • How do you dot your i’s?  If you dot your eye with a circle, you are more child-like than those who don’t.
  • If you write quickly, you show impatience vs a slow writer who shows that they are more methodical.
  • A legible signature shows confidence. An illegible signature indicates that the person tends to be more private