Study: Facebook reduces well-being and satisfaction with life

By web gangsta | Published:

How long have you been playing Candy Crush Saga?

Better question: have you been paying money to advance, or have you achieved as much as you have via free play?

Since Web Watch has told others about the joy (and frustration) that CANDY CRUSH can bring, we’ve been hearing stories from friends about them paying $1 after $1 in order to advance through.  We have texts cursing us for sucking joy out of their lives, as our friends have become addicted to moving from level to level with this BEJEWELED clone.

And all we can say is, we couldn’t be happier.

Why?  Because at least our friends are NO LONGER OBSESSED WITH FACEBOOK.

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And that’s because – as Web Watch has shared before – FACEBOOK IS A SOUL-CRUSHING LIFE SUCK.

Facebook is a clickfarm.  You find one thing you like or a photo of a friend, and you just start clicking around. Hours pass by. You become addicted to being informed of what your friends are doing. Is your picture better than theirs? Can I vote on a contest by LIKING a product or a page, maybe I can win something.

Click Click Click.

And you know what?

All that Facebook clicking is LOWERING YOUR SELF-ESTEEMMaking you feel worse about yourself.

That’s what this recent study found — USING FACEBOOK HAS NEGATIVE CONSEQUENCES.

And it is all about whether you have interactions with the group of Facebook friends you have in real life, or if you’re only interacting with them online.  The study found that people who have more face-to-face, real-world interactions fared better psychologically than those people who spent more time only interacting via Facebook.

Heavy Facebook use occurred when people were feeling lonely, or left out of the loop with their friends who would be posting awesomeness online.  The more socially isolated you feel, the worse your well-being and overall life satisfaction can be.  Heavy Facebook use doesn’t encourage social activity… it tends to hyperfocus that loneliness by being an individual, solitary activity.

Yes, you’re interacting with others, but not in a social group in-person setting.  Time and distance still play a role in whether actual human contact comes into play or not.

So get off of Facebook and make some real-life connections.  You’ll be happier in life if you do.