How to identify The Best electronics for any category

By web gangsta | Published:

Whenever it comes time to buy the Latest, Greatest gadget, you’ll always find yourself wondering if the item you’ve decided upon buying is, in fact, the absolute latest/greatest version of whatever it is you’re purchasing.

Rest assured – no matter when you decide to buy something, a newer version of said item is going to be right around the corner.  So maybe you should be asking yourself, “what’s the best item TODAY” instead of saying “what’s the best item EVER”?

Wire Cutters

So where should you start?

You could begin by looking at Amazon reviews or other websites that you stumble upon after Googling the product you’re thinking about.  It’s good, but you can never tell if the reviews are really honest or not. Heck, there’ve been documented cases where Amazon reviews are posted even before the product has been released…. and the company calls those reviews out as being bogus.  (Check out Cards Against Humanity’s take on Version 4 of their game for details on that)

Why not start at a place like THE WIRECUTTER, where they proudly, definitively declare the items that they feel are THE BEST in assorted categories.

  • Looking for a TV?  The Panasonic ST60 is the one you want.
  • The best Laundry Detergent is Tide Boost Vivid White + Bright HE
  • Want the Best Fitness Tracker? Go with the FitBit Force
  • Best WiFi Router is the Asus RT-N66U

And so on – there’s a ton of different electronics on their list, so take the time to see what you’ve picked up already and see if WireCutter deems your most recent purchase to be The Best Ever.

How do they do it?  They aggregate reviews from across the Internet and compare those with price points.  There may be times that The Best Product out there is infinitely more expensive than the 2nd best item… which makes the 2nd best item a lot more desireable if the features are reasonably close to being the same.  So it’s not just one person’s opinion here — they’ve put some thought into every decision they post about.