Poo-Pourri’s Business Plan Stinks. Here’s what they should do instead…

By web gangsta | Published:

It’s happened to everyone.

You’ve had to go, and you’ve had to go bad – and you’re not at home where it’s typically safe to do so.

Look, everyone does it — we just don’t want to share that fact with our friends, neighbors, or family.  Web Watch was talking with a couple the other day who did not have the pleasure of living with each other before getting married.  On their honeymoon was the first time that either had experienced The Smell from the other… and she made him leave the hotel room while she took care of her business.

Ah, young love.

Poo-Pourri X-Large 8 oz bottle Original Scent bathroom toilet air freshner odor masking spray
Poo-Pourri Original Scent bathroom toilet air freshner odor masking spray

So let’s take a look at the marketing video for the amazing POO-POURRI toilet masking spray:

The premise is simple: the spray leaves a slight film on the toilet water, and everything that drops below the water’s surface doesn’t stink up the room.  It’s a product that works, they say, and should be appropriate to share with everyone.

Leave a spritzer in the guest bath. Keep the travel size with you for the office.  There’s a time and a place for POO POURRI, and it’s every time you go.

But here’s the problem that Web Watch has with the product.  Nobody in the consumer world would really go out and purchase Poo Pourri or give it out as a gift.  You won’t remember to bring it with you to the restroom when you really need it.

That’s where Web Watch has this suggestion, as we are a keen student of ABC’s SHARK TANK.

Channeling MR WONDERFUL, Kevin O’Leary, Web Watch believes that the best way to really make some money on this product is to go after a licensing deal. Here are some options:

  • Go after the industrial cleaning supply companies that do large-scale office bathroom cleaning. Have them include a custom-made insert into the tanks that will spritz a fresh layer of Poo Pourri into the bowl after every flush
  • Go for the consumer market via the major toilet manufacturers, and similar to how JET-DRY dispensers are built into dishwashers, get the toilet companies to include a Poo Pourri dispenser into the flush mechanism.

Whichever way you go, the issue is getting the dispenser into the restrooms and bathrooms around the country.  From there, sell the refill packs and start rolling in the money.  If either of these take off (and we’re just talking to you, Mr O’Leary), feel free to contact Web Watch with our 1% royalty check for providing the idea.

We’ll all be stinking rich!

While you’re here, check out these bloopers from the Poo Pourri commercial shoot: