Things to do in Las Vegas for Women ONLY

By web gangsta | Published:

Who doesn’t love a good escapist vacation to Las Vegas?

Granted, it all depends on whether you can appreciate everything that Las Vegas has to offer, whether it be the gambling, the sun, the food, the celebrity sightings, the nightclubs, or the random hook-ups with complete strangers resulting in waking up in a bathtub with a note about how your kidney was stolen and sold on Craigslist.

It happens.

Cocktails! Ten Years As A Las Vegas Cocktail Server
Cocktails! Ten Years As A Las Vegas Cocktail Server

So with all that Las Vegas has to offer, we were a little confused when we stumbled upon this list of the 25 THINGS WOMEN SHOULD KNOW BEFORE VISITING VEGAS

This list doesn’t sound like something a Woo Girl would read as they gather their cowboy hats and glitter tops for a weekend trip out with her besties.

(What’s a Woo Girl? Here’s a definition for you…)

No, the list looks like it’s aimed at people who have no idea what Las Vegas’ businesses are, that Las Vegas is in a desert, that Las Vegas is occasionally known as “Sin City”… in other words, if you live under a rock then this list of 25 THINGS FOR WOMEN IN LAS VEGAS is right up your alley.

Let’s take a look at some of what they suggest that ONLY WOMEN WOULD BE INTERESTED IN KNOWING ABOUT VEGAS:

  • Stay in the tourist areas. Don’t cross the street against the light.
  • They allow smoking in casinos. Bring dryer sheets with you to refresh your clothes
  • Try exploring all the resorts on the Strip!  Fun!
  • Drink water!
  • Go to the spa!
  • Shop, Shop, Shop!
  • Go to the pool!

The real question is, as you peruse the entire list, what items on here are exclusive to women? What benefit do we get from this list versus any more generic travel advisory about how to visit Las Vegas for the first time that are published for everybody?

Look – we all have our own pieces of Las Vegas advice to share — if you had just one item that you had to provide to someone for their very first trip out to The Strip, what would you make your mandatory Las Vegas tip?  Leave it in the comments below: