San Antonio voted the Most Romantic City

By web gangsta | Published:

They say that Paris, France is the MOST ROMANTIC CITY IN THE WORLD.

Others say that VENICE, ITALY or other Italian cities like Florence or Rome are the most romantic.

But if we limit the list of romance destinations strictly to the US, would you believe that SAN ANTONIO TOPS THE LIST OF MOST ROMANTIC PLACES?

San Antonio Rose
San Antonio Rose

It’s true – at least, that’s what OPEN TABLE is saying as we gear up for Valentine’s Day based on three criteria:

  • the number of restaurants that Open Table user have rated as being “romantic” in a particular location
  • The number of tables those restaurants have that are suitable for two
  • The number of reservations made in those cities on Valentine’s Day last year

With that, Open Table presents their list of the TOP 25 ROMANTIC CITIES:

  1. San Antonio
  2. St. Louis
  3. Providence, Rhode Island
  4. Atlantic City
  5. Oklahoma City
  6. Salt Lake City
  7. Columbus
  8. Houston
  9. Brooklyn
  10. Louisville
  11. Austin
  12. Ann Arbor
  13. Milwaukee
  14. Nashville
  15. Philadelphia
  16. Boston
  17. Raleigh
  18. Santa Monica
  19. Portland, Oregon
  20. Baltimore
  21. Kansas City, Missouri
  22. Indianapolis
  23. Miami
  24. Los Angeles
  25. Phoenix

Do you agree?  Should San Francisco or Las Vegas have been listed instead?  What other cities were left off this list that you expected to see?