How to French Kiss

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Kissing is one of those “first memories” that everyone carries around with them.

Take a moment, and think back to your First Kiss.  Is it something you think back fondly of? Or regretfully?

Was it kinda romantic, like in 16 Candles?  Or was it in the back of a coat closet while all your friends were outside chanting “kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss!”?

Some first kisses come with a ton of anxiety – what’s it like, are we doing it right?

Look, everyone has to start somewhere, and the First of anything is really not going to be performed with any spectacularity.

French Kiss
French Kiss

So what are the things you should learn for your first time kissing that someone special?

Luckily, someone has made a guide to THAT FIRST KISS that should help you overcome your inhibitions.  Here are some of their tips:

  • wet your lips before the kiss.  nobody likes to feel dry, chapped lips on their partner
  • turn your head to the side so you don’t bump noses
  • “stare deeply into your partner’s eyes as you move in”.  It raises the passion level
  • change it up a little.  Use a lot of tongue, or maybe just a little.

There’s more to the article, but the biggest takeaway to keep in mind is this:

There is no right way to kiss. What separates a good kisser from a bad one, however, is learning to read body language and responding approrpriately to it.

They also state the obvious: fresh breath is a must, as is a little bit of deodorant.  C’mon, really?

Anyway – so if you had ONE KISSING TIP to share with your kids before they head out on their first date, what would be that one piece of advice that you absolutely have to telll them to do when it comes to that all-important first kiss?   Tell us in the comments below…