Would you consider having sex with a robot?

By web gangsta | Published:

The classic 1973 movie WESTWORLD featured a high-tech amusement park where guests would pay $1000 a day in order to live their ultimate fantasies of being a gunslinger, a medieval knight, or a roman gladiator.

The catch? The vast majority of the park’s “employees” were robots, all designed to give the park guests the ultimate adventure.

And yes, there were sex robots.


1973 was a long time ago, but the concept of HAVING SEX WITH A ROBOT hasn’t really died down in subsequent years.

That’s one of the results reported in a recent survey about how we feel about human-like robots (androids, more human than C-3P0) in today’s society.

  • 17% of those surveyed said they’d be happy to have sex with a robot
  • 41% said that having sex with a robot was “creepy”
  • 14% said that people should never have sex with robots
  • 11% said that the would like a robot child
  • 20% of pet owners wouldn’t mind replacing their pet with a pet robot