Are’s Random Bags of Crap worth the effort?

By web gangsta | Published:

So WOOT.COM recently celebrated their 10th birthday.

And as part of the WOOT.COM BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION, they made 10,000 WOOT BAGS OF CRAP available to their shopping fans.

Web Watch has talked about what a Bandolier of Carrots, Birthday of Celebration, Box of Candy (aka any variation of the acronym B.O.C. you can think of) happens to be in the past, but let’s talk more about what you might get in your mystery shipment.

After all, you’re giving a bunch of strangers on the Internet a hard-earned $5 + $3 shipping, and you have no idea if what you get is even going to be worth $8 in the end.

Web Watch was lucky enough to get one of those Birthday BOC’s the other day – so let’s take a look inside as we UNBOX OUR BAG OF CRAP:

  • One paper bag.  Let’s value this at $1 at the local party store.
  • One green WOOT! babydoll-style t-shirt.  While an exclusive WOOT! item, t-shirts in general are worth anywhere from $5 – $10 new on the street.  Let’s call this $5 for no reason whatsoever.
  • Three different USB-to-30pin cords, suitable for iPad or iPhones.  Average retail price is $8 apiece, so call this $24 for the three of ’em.

And the rest:
Chuck Norris Talking Doll, from Funko
Chuck Norris Talking Doll, from Funko

Estimated retail price: $10

MOGO Charmband
MOGO Magnetic Charmband

Estimated retail price: $15

Dolphins and Whales: Tribes of the Ocean 3D
Dolphins and Whales: Tribes of the Ocean 3D

Estimated retail price: $16.50

Sunbeam Heat To Go Rechargeable Cordless Heat Back Wrap
Sunbeam Heat To Go Rechargeable Cordless Heat Back Wrap

Estimated retail price: $27


GUNNAR Computer Eyeglasses
GUNNAR Computer Eyewear

Estimated retail price: $90

So adding up all our WOOT LOOT, we see an estimated retail package price of about $188 dollars, give or take.

Even if you discount everything at 50% off those retail prices, you’re still looking at almost $100 worth of value for that $8 investment.

Of course, every WOOT BOC is going to be different, and your actual value may not match this collection of goodies.

But if you’re wondering if it’s worth trying to get a BAG OF CRAP the next time one comes around, we’ll tell you definitively:  YES!